Saturday, December 3, 2016

Darryl Strawberry 2005 Legendary Cuts Classic Careers Card

Below is the second Darryl Strawberry relic card I bid on and won on eBay. (The first was discussed here.) What is different about this one versus the other one is that thin big of blue pin stripe from the Mets uniform back in the mid 1980s.  This is a 2005 SP Legendary Cuts Classic Careers baseball card produced by Upper Deck. The color on the relic is what makes this a little more special. I just wish I knew from which game this jersey came! And how many were issued? There are 11 currently listed on the Trading Card Database and the image for this card seems to be the opposite of this one with the thin blue stripe on the right side of the relic square.

On the whole I'm trying to reconcile collecting baseball cards for the period after Darryl Strawberry was an active player. I find them interesting, but less interesting. And I'm a complete hypocrite (who isn't, right?) because I still look at the cards for him produced after he stopped playing. And I'm still probably going to buy them. Ugh.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Darryl Strawberry 2012 Panini "Prime Cuts" Biography card

This is the first of two Darryl Strawberry relic cards that I bid on, and won, on eBay recently. I was curious about this kind of card as it (the concept) wasn't around (I don't think) back in the late 1980s during the peak and cessation of my primary collecting years.  I did pull a Ken Griffey Jr. relic card from Topps Series 2 earlier this year which I have to be honest was quite exciting in a weird dorky way.

On July 28, 1996, Strawberry hit his third home run of the year at Kansas City. On the day he went 2-4, scoring one run and knocking in two RBI's. There's a bit of a confusion going on here on the card. Panini clearly isn't licensed as there is no logo on Straw's helmet; and, he's clearly wearing a New York Mets uniform in the picture. And the front of the card commemorates his number with the Mets "No. 18", and not the jersey he wore for the Yankees (No. 39 that year). So... weird... I don't really know what's going on but I do hope that the uniform bit is Yankee gray from that day.  but at the same time cool to have. Especially so as this is a serial numbered card, 17 of 25.

Overall I think the relic cards are cool. I'm not going to go crazy buying/collecting them or anything. But the idea of it I like. I still don't have an authentic autograph issue of a Strawberry card but I am keeping my eyes open for this kind of baseball card.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Shoebox of Cards: 1994 Classic 4 Sport

Right, so these are cards from the 1994 Classic 4 Sport card set... I have no idea what they are or anything. It seems to have been a hybrid set incorporating the four major American sports but for pre-professional?

These are the LAST CARDS from the shoebox. I know. Sad.

11 Carlos Rogers
12 Khalid Reeves
17 Aaron McKie
18 Eric Mobley
24 Monty Williams
28 Deon Thomas
35 Michael Smith
36 Andrei Fetisov
42 Gary Collier (2)
43 Shawnelle Scott
44 Damon Bailey
47 Jevon Crudup (2)
48 Melvin Booker (2)
49 Brian Reese

55 Trev Alberts
65 Wayne Gandy
66 Aaron Taylor
72 Rob Fredrickson
73 Shante Carver
74 Thomas Lewis
77 Jeff Burris
82 Eric Mahlum
85 Alex Coleman
88 Greg Hill
89 David Palmer
90 Ryan Yarborough
92 Marlon Bates
93 Bert Emanuel
94 Thomas Randolph
108 Lonnie Johnson
109 Tyronne Drakeford
114 Lake Dawson

122 Jason Wiemer
124 Nolan Baumgartner
125 Jeff Friesen
126 Wade Belak
127 Maxim Bets
128 Ethan Moreau
130 Eric Fichaud
132 Brad Brown
133 Chris Dingman
137 Chris Wells
138 Vadim Sharifjanov
140 Todd Marchant
141 David Roberts
144 Cory Stillman
145 Chad Penney
146 Jeff Nelson

165 Tommy Davis TRADED
181 Mike Thurman
182 Doug Webb
183 Ryan Nye
199 Checklist (68-134)

So if you see anything you want, you know the drill! Contact me. Set these cards free.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Shoebox of Cards: The Rest, Basketball Cards & 1 Football

These are the last of the miscellaneous non-baseball cards in the box. And the second to last post overall.

1991 Pro Line Portraits: David Fulcher, Cincinnati Bengals. Card 33

1994-1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice
64: Negele Knight (Silver Signature)
114: Doug Overton, Washington Bullets
130: Reggie Williams: Denver Nuggets

1994-95 Hoops
310: Michael Adams
311: Darrin Hancock
327: Carlos Rogers
359: B.J. Tyler
384: Bill Blair
376: Antoine Carr
391: Atlanta Hawks Team Card
397: Denver Nuggets Team Card
411: Phoenix Suns Team Card

If you want to provide a loving home for the cards, please do let me know.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

A Shoebox of Cards: Additional Baseball Cards and Sexy Checklists

These are the last of the baseball cards in the box. Probably they should've been included with their respective teams in the earlier blog posts, but I didn't do it that way.

1989 Bowman:
Kirt Manwarring, San Francisco Giants, Card #469.

1989 Topps Big:
Juan Castillo, Milwaukee Brewers, Card #9
Mike Pagliarulo, New York Yankees, Card #28
Don August, Milwaukee Brewers, Card #33
Cecil Espy, Texas Rangers, Card #36
Mickey Brantley, Seattle Mariners, Card #38
Junior Ortiz, Pittsburgh Pirates, Card #66 TRADED
Fred Manrique, Cleveland Indians, Card #84
John Smiley, Pittsburgh Pirates, Card #85 TRADED
Rene Gonzales, Baltimore Orioles,  Card #87
Les Straker, Minnesota Twins, Card #90
Kelly Gruber, Toronto Blue Jays, Card #95 TRADED
Rich Renteria, Seattle Mariners, Card #109

The below cards feature several different sets: 1985 Topps Olympic cards -- don't get too excited "the good one" isn't here. Some Draft Picks, prospects and manager cards...

1985 Topps Olympic Cards:
Sid Adkins, Card #390 (with forged signature!)
Flavio Alfaro, Card #391
Mike Dunne, Card #395
Gary Green, Card #396 (2)
John Hoover, Card #397
John Marzano, Card #399
Pat Pacillo, Card #402

1992 Topps Jason Pruitt, Card # 246, Draft Pick
1992 Topps Brian Barber, Card #594, Draft Pick (2)
1992 Topps Tyler Green Card #764, Draft Pick

1993 Topps Chad McConnell, Card # 161, 1992 Draft Pick
1993 Topps Top Prospects, Relief Pitchers (Mike Christopher, Ken Ryan, Aaron Taylor, Gus Gandarillas), Card #786
1993 Topps Major League Managers, Johnny Oates (Baltimore Orioles), Bobby Cox (Atlanta Braves), Card #501
1993 Topps Major League Managers, Buck Showalter (New York Yankees), Jim Fregosi (Philadelphia Phillies), Card #510

1990 Fleer Major League Prospects, Mike Roesler (Cincinnati Reds) & Derrick May (Chicago Cubs), Card #645

Now for the sexy cards: The checklists.

1983 Donruss (443-546)
1992 Donruss Triple Play (89-176), Card #198 (damaged)
1991 Fleer (114-223), Card #715 (for White Sox, Mets, Blue Jays, Dodgers)(damaged)
1992 Fleer (297-397), Card #715 (for Rangers, Blue Jays, Braves, Cubs)
1993 Fleer Series II Checklist (603-720) (for Tigers, Royals, Brewers, Twins, Yankees, Athletics, Mariners, Rangers, Blue Jays, League Leaders, Round Trippers, Super Star Specials)
1995 Fleer Checklist 4 (370-492), Card #597 (for Mets, Phillies, Cubs, Reds, Astros, Pirates)
1995 Fleer Checklist 5 (493-600), Card #598  (for Cardinals, Rockies, Dodgers, Padres, Giants)
1988 Topps (265-396), Card #373
1991 Topps (6 of 6), Card #787 (for Mariners, Rangers, Blue Jays, All Stars, Record Breakers)
1992 Topps (1 of 6), Card #131 (for Braves, Orioles, Red Sox, Angels, White Sox)
1992 Topps (3 of 6), Card #366 (for Astros, Royals, Dodgers, Brewers, Twins)
1992 Topps (4 of 6), Card #527 (for Expos, Yankees, Mets, Athletics, Phillies)
1992 Topps (5 of 6), Card #658 (for Phillies, Pirates, Cardinals, Padres Giants, Mariners)
1993 Topps (1 of 6), Card #823
1991 Upper Deck (201-300), Card #300
1991 Upper Deck (601-700), Card #700 (2)
1992 Upper Deck (201-300), Card #300
1993 Upper Deck (211-314), Card #315 (Will Clark)

Any check list collectors out there? You want 'em? Let me know please.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Toronto Blue Jays

This is one of the last few posts from the shoebox of baseball cards that I recently got. It is for the last MLB team. It's for... the Toronto Blue Jays.

I'm sorry to say that they've all been traded away to Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog, who did a nice post on them earlier this month. Mike's claimed a bunch of other individual cards, too, because he's the man. They are of Canadians who've played in the majors. I'll send him those cards soon and certainly look forward to seeing that blog post!

1988 Donruss: Kelly Gruber, John Cerutti, Rick Leach, Duane Ward
1988 Fleer: Mark Eichhorn
1988 Score: John Cerutti, Rob Ducey
1988 Topps: Rance Mulliniks, Duane Ward, Jimy William
1990 Donruss: Tony Fernandez
1990 Fleer: John Cerutti, Lloyd Moseby
1990 Score: George Bell
1990 Topps: Glenallen Hill
1991 Donruss: Willie Blair, Pat Borders, Junior Felix
1991 Fleer: Willie Blair, Glenallen Hill
1991 Score: Glenallen Hill, Duane Ward, Jeff Kunkel
1991 Topps: Rance Mulliniks, George Bell (2), Glenallen Hill
1991 Upper Deck: Dave Stieb, Kelly Gruber
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Todd Stottlemyre
1992 Fleer: Todd Stottlemyre
1992 Score: Duane Ward, Jim Acker, Rance Mulliniks (2), Devon White, Pat Borders (2), Pat Tabler (2), Manny Lee
1992 Topps: Pat Tabler, Duane Ward, Ed Sprague
1992 Topps Stadium Club:
1992 Upper Deck: Dave Stieb (Collector's Choice)
1993 Fleer: Alfredo Griffin
1993 Score: Jack Morris
1993 Topps: Eddie Zosky
1994 Upper Deck: Pat Hentgen
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Woody Williams
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Robert Perez

So, that's about it. I have a few more posts for some other things that were in the box, which I know you're looking forward to.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Texas Rangers

What can one say about the Texas Rangers that hasn't been said before?

1988 Score: Jeff Kunkel
1988 Topps: Jeff Russell, Dale Mahorcic, Dwayne Henry, Steve Buechele, Jose Guzman, Oddibe McDowell, Bobby Witt
1989 Donruss: Jose Guzman, Ceclilio Guante, Jerry Browne, Scott May
1989 Topps: Geno Petralli, Pete Incaviglia
1990 Donruss: Jeff Kunkel (2)
1990 Score: Julio Franco
1990 Topps: Gary Mielke (who?), Cecil Espy
1991 Donruss: Kevin Reimer, Geno Petralli, Charlie Hough, Steve Buechele
1991 Fleer: Charlie Hough, John Russell
1991 Score: Bobby Witt, Craig McMurtry, Kevin Belcher (2), Gerald Alexander (2), John Russell, Kevin Reimer
1991 Topps: Kenny Rogers, Jeff Russell, Steve Buechele
1992 Fleer Ultra: Jeff Huson
1992 Score: Kenny Rogers, Jeff Russell, Geno Petralli (3), Gary Pettis (2), John Russell, John Barfield
1992 Topps: Brian Downing, Scott Chiamparino
1992 Topps Gold: Wayne Rosenthal
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Geno Petralli
1993 Fleer: Terry Mathews
1993 Score: Roger Paulik TRADED
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Doug Strange

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