Friday, April 15, 2016

What's in the box, Part 1

Opening this box of baseball cards and going through it was fun. Like finding a lost treasure. I cannot and do not delude myself into thinking any of it is truly valuable. But it is a piece of childhood, something that gave me hours of joy collecting, reading, playing with, rehousing, reordering, etc.

The first cards in the box are from cards 151-200 of the Classic Baseball Travel Update 2 set. The purple ones. The cards are a little bowed, as they are wont to do. It's funny, they were stored in ye old sandwich bag which brought back peanut butter and jelly sandwich memories much more vividly than anything else.

I have no idea at all what happened to the other 1989 sets, if we ever owned them. We: I have a twin brother. Collecting baseball cards was made twice as much fun because of him. He liked the New York Yankees and Don Mattingly most. I was at the time (from roughly 1983-1990 or so) a New York Mets fan, particularly of Darryl Strawberry as I said before in a previous post that I do no think anyone else has read, yet... So anyway, having a twin brother was a built in collecting buddy and occasional trading partner, among other things. We had a small group of friends with whom we traded and also with whom we played Running Bases in our back yard. Hours upon hours upon hours of fun there in the spring, summer, and fall. Among my fondest I'm getting all weepy!

To the cards, though.  Here are some scans of the set. I placed the cards on the glass in order left to right but of course did not account for the fact that they would then be reversed on the scan. Doah! So, they go right to left:

Here is a table of the players:

Card NumberPlayer NameTeam
151Jim AbbottCalifornia Angels
152Ellis BurksBoston Red Sox
153Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
154Gregg JefferiesNew York Mets
155Mark GraceChicago Cubs
156Jerome WaltonChicago Cubs
157Bo JacksonKansas City Royals
158Jack ClarkSan Francisco Giants
159Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
160Eddie MurrayLos Angeles Dodgers
161John DopsonBoston Red Sox
162Ruben SierraTexas Rangers
163Rafael PalmeiroTexas Rangers
164Nolan RyanTexas Rangers
165Barry LarkinCincinnati Reds TRADED
166Tom HerrPhiladelphia Phillies
167Roberto KellyNew York Yankees
168Glenn DavisHouston Astros
169Glenn BraggsMilwaukee Brewers  TRADED
170Juan BellBaltimore Orioles
171Tom BurnsOakland Athletics
172Derek LilliquistAtlanta Braves
173Orel HershiserLos Angeles Dodgers
174John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
175Ozzie Guillen/Ellis BurksChicago White Sox/Boston Red Sox
176Kirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
177Robin VenturaChicago White Sox
178Allan AndersonMinnesota Twins
179Steve SaxNew York Yankees
180Will ClarkSan Francisco Giants
181Mike DevereauxBaltimore Orioles
182Tom GordonKansas City Royals
183Rob MurphyBoston Red Sox
184Pete O'BrienCleveland Indians  Traded
185Cris CarpenterSt. Louis Cardinals
186Tom BrunanskySt. Louis Cardinals
187Bob BooneKansas City Royals
188Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers
189Dwight GoodenNew York Mets
190Mark McGwireOakland Athletics
191John SmileyPittsburgh Pirates
192Tommy GreggAtlanta Braves
193Ken Griffey, Jr.Seattle Mariners
194Bruce HurstSan Diego Padres
195Greg SwindellCleveland Indians Traded
196Nelson LirianoToronto Blue Jays
197Randy MyersNew York Mets
198Kevin MitchellSan Francisco Giants
199Dante BichetteCalifornia Angels
200Deion SandersNew York Yankees

These names are here in case Google caches it and someone looks for them. I suppose if anyone wants the whole set they can have it. Or, individual cards, too.

Thanks for stopping by.