Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What's in the Box, Part 6: Basketball, Football, and Hockey Cards

A little break from baseball cards today, lamentably, to list some basketball, football, and hockey cards I found tucked in the back of the box. Photographs of all the cards are below.

1979-1980 Topps, Reggie Theus, Chicago Bulls, Card #44
1988-1989 Fleer Stickers, Dominique Wilkins, Card #11
1989-1990 Fleer, Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks, Card #7
1989-1990 Fleer, Larry Bird, Boston Celtics, Card #8
1989-1990 Fleer, Rex Chapman, Charlotte Hornets, Card #15
1989-1990 Fleer, Akeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets, Card #61
1989-1990 Fleer, Hersey Hawkins, Philadelphia 76ers, Card #117
1989-1990 Hoops, Dominique Wilkins, Card #130

1980 Topps, Phil Simms, New York Giants, Card #225
1980 Topps, Doug Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Card #312
1980 Topps, Don Warren, Washington Redskins, Card #371
1980 Topps, Joe Theismann, Wasington Redskins, Card #475
1981 Topps, Walter Payton All Pro, Chicago Bears, Card #400
1989 Topps, Cornelius Bennett, Buffalo Bills, Card #43
1989 Topps, Thurman Thomas, Buffalo Bills, Card #45
1989 Topps, Randall Cunningham, Philadelphia Eagles, Card #115
1989 Topps, Earnest Byner, Cleveland Browns, Card #147
1989 Topps, Dave Krieg, Seattle Seahawks, Card #188
1989 Topps, Denver Broncos checklist, Card #238
1989 Topps, Karl Mecklenburg, Denver Broncos, Card #247
1989 Topps, Doug Williams, Washington Redskins, Card #259
1989 Topps, Los Angeles Raiders checklist, Card #264
1989 Topps, Bo Jackson, Los Angeles Raiders, Card #269
1989 Topps, Willi Gault, Los Angeles Raiders, Card #272
1989 Topps, Mike Wise, Los Angeles Raiders, Card #275
1989 Topps, Neil Lomas, Phoenix Cardinals, Card #283
1989 Topps, Vinny Testaverde, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Card #327
1989 Topps, Aundray Bruce, Atlanta Falcons, Card #337
1989 Topps, Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys, Card #383
1989 Topps, 1000 Yard Club, Drew Hill, Card #11

1974-1975 Topps, Bobby Orr, Boston Bruins, Card #100 TRADED
1988-1989 Topps, Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins, Card #1 TRADED
1988-1989 Topps, Dave Christian, Washington Capitals, Card #14, signed TRADED

If there are any cards listed here you want, just contact me. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I don't want it, but that 1980 Phil Simms card is technically his rookie card.

  2. I'd gladly take that Orr and Lemieux off your hands if they're still available. Shoot me an email and let's talk.

    1. Hi Adam. They are yours. But I have no idea how to email you... shoot me one please at peterksteinberg AT hotmail DOT com