Thursday, May 12, 2016

What's in the Box, Part 8: Mike Greenwell

Going through the box I discovered that for a couple of years apparently I collected Mike Greenwell, who played his entire professional career with the Boston Red Sox. I do remember his 1987 rookie year and remember in particular seeing him play the Baltimore Orioles at some point at ye old Memorial Stadium. Oh, the long gone darlings....

This lead me to collect, apparently, his baseball cards. Below are a list of the cards, followed by a photograph. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number dupes that I have. If any one out there wants one, some, or all, just ask!

1988, Card #339 (6)
1989 Diamond King, Card #1, (6)
1989, Card #186
1989 MVP, Card #BC-10 (4)
1989 All-Stars, Card #15

1988, Card #354
1988, "Changing of the Guard in Boston", Card #630, featuring also Ellis Burks and Todd Benzinger (no relation to Lemon Zinger)
1988 Star Stickers, Card #9
1989, Card # 90
1989 All-Star Team, Card #6

1987, Card #259
1988 All-Star Rookie, Card #493
1989, Card #630 (12)
1989 All Star, Card #402 (8)
1989 Mini Leaders, Card #48 (3)

Other Cards:
1988 Leaf, Card #153
1988 Boston Red Sox (unlicensed), Card #8
1988 Score, Card #175
1988 Toys'R'Us Rookies, Card #12
1989 Score, Card #66 (2)
1989 Score Highlight, Card #659 (2)
1989 Upper Deck, Card #432 (2)

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  1. What ever happened to his career? Was it him failing to take steroids while everyone else did? Or did he get hurt?

  2. Seems like it was injuries that got him in the end. Shame, though, as his career started out pretty electric. Sometimes, if I remember right, steroids can cause as many problems as they prevent. But my suspicion would be he didn't do them.