Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Darryl Strawberry: 1983 Topps Traded Card T108

Just a small post today with the promise -- the threat -- of more to come in the next days! 

The Darryl Strawberry 1983 Topps Traded card T108 was the Holy Grail of cards when I was a wee young laddy. I eluded me as a 10-14 year old because this was during the height of Strawberry's assault on National League pitching and as such it was priced exorbitantly. At least for my means. Kind of a catch-22: all the money I earned was spent on baseball cards and Slurpee's, when what I really wanted to buy was one particular baseball card! When I decided recently to focus on re-collecting Strawberry, I thought to myself: "Self, I need this card".

This was an eBay purchase that was somewhere just north of $10. I do not think, as such, that this was  bad deal for a near mint, officially graded by PSA card. Sure, I'd love to be able to touch it. There's something amazing and unmistakable about being able to handle them. I hope to get a complete set of the 1983 Topps Traded (I'm slowly getting all the 1980s sets as presents for birthday's and Christmases). So, one day I will get to handle the card, which is more than half the fun.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ah yes, great card for a great price! this is STILL a Holy Grail type of card to me! Only acquired the '84 Gooden Traded this past year, so I need his partner in crime. One of these days...

  2. I wish you the best, Mark, in searching out and acquiring this card. A true must-have. As with the elusive Sports Illustrated for Kids card, if I could come across a 1983 Topps Traded I'll let you know.