Monday, June 20, 2016

Thoughts on 2016 Topps Series 2 & the Inserts

Many of the cards in this post have been sent away on trades. Please visit this page to see what I still have and would love to send to you if they fill a void in your collections.

Hello hello. Trying to complete the Topps 2016 baseball card base set I decided to buy a Jumbo Box of Series 2 from a local seller (Kenmore Collectibles). This box would yield up to 500 cards in one fell swoop with the promise of some special cards along the way. I decided to do this as the process of buying packs all spring of Series 1 was a lot of fun, but it produced so many duplicates that I wanted to try another method for the remainder of the cards.

I limited myself, somehow, to opening two packs a day which extended the process to five full days. This was excruciating. I'm sure you know what I mean. I intended to open one pack a day but I found this insufferably intolerable.

Packs 3 and 4 yielded my first ever relic (Ken Griffey Jr., Cincinnati Reds pin-stripe uniform #15/50) and a laser booklet (Trea Turner, Washington Nationals).

The maximum I could have gotten was 500 cards. Towards the base set of 350 cards I got 332 unique cards. Meaning I need 18 to make the set. I got 87 duplicates in the base set and this figure was grossly inflated in the last pack which produced about half of this figure. This is 419 total cards not including the inserts which ranged from 5-6 a pack. This method was far more efficient than buying packs at random various Target's, where in building the set I got to about 345 cards and 300+ duplicates before giving up and buying some singles.

And then there was the inserts, the promised autograph and relics, etc. These occupied the rest. The bloody Trea Turner "booklet" took up the space of about 10 cards. Felt cheated. And the autograph...I feel cheated. Ok, the relic of Griffey Jr. is fantastic. But the autograph. The autograph was such a f--king let down. Mychal Givens. A f--king prospect. Yes, I would have loved an Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, or someone else...who is actually in the majors. Even a since-DFA'd autograph would have been fine; or even a contentious PED suspension signature. but a prospect? Maybe I'm a sore loser about the autograph? The autographs are supposed to be a hit...I got a sacrifice bunt.

Between last summer when I bought a bunch of boxes and made a two sets of 1987 Topps cards and have 1919 duplicates to write home about... and this spring when I made a (nearly) full set of the current years cards I've gotten a lot of joy. There is a fantastic emotion to the mystique of opening packs. But I actually see very little reason to continue buying packs at this point. Which is such a shame. I accept that gum no longer is a part of the hobby, but I can't really wrap my head around how frustrating the inserts have been.

Anyway, the duplicates that I got are listed at the bottom of this page on the blog. Here's a list of the inserts that I got, which are also listed on that page, followed by some images.

Scouting Report Autograph
SRA-MG, Mychal Givens (Baltimore Orioles)

Rainbow Foil:
Card #534, Eduardo Nunez (Minnesota Twins)
Card # 537, Tampa Bay Rays (Team Card)
Card #621, Zach Duke (Chicago White Sox)
Card #624, Tommy Milone (Minnesota Twins)
Card #671, Tony Cingrani (Cincinnati Reds)

Card #628, Wellington Castillo (Arizona Diamondbacks) (47/65)

Negative Black & White
Card #694, Scott McGough (Miami Marlins)

Card #414, Wily Peralta (Milwaukee Brewers) (26/2016) Traded
Card #455, Preston Tucker (Houston Astros) (366/2106)
Card #518, Matt Duffy (San Francisco Giants) (1965/2016) & (1966/2016)
Card #544, Jeremy Jeffress (1290/2016) Traded
Card #562, Addison Russell (Chicago Cubs) (949/2016)
Card #655, Domonic Brown (Toronto Blue Jays) (1230/2016)
Card #681, Joe Smith (Los Angeles Angels) (16/2016)
Card #689, Eugenio Suarez (Cincinnati Reds) (1079/2016)

Bergers Best:
BB2 1954: Al Kaline
BB2 1968: Tom Seaver
BB2 1972: Hank Aaron
BB2 1973: Rich Gossage
BB2-1975, Robin Yount Traded
BB2 1984: Dwight Gooden
BB2 1993: Mike Piazza
BB2 1984: Ryne Sandberg
BB2 2004: David Ortiz
BB2 2012: Yu Darvish

Chasing 3K Ichiro:
3000-2, 100 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-3, 200 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-8, 800 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-10,  924 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-15, 1500 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-20, 2000 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-23, 2248 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-25, 2500 (Seattle Mariners)
3000-26, 2600 (New York Yankees)
3000-29; 2914 (Miami Marlins)

Tribute to the Kid:
Kid-1, Seattle Mariners
Kid-8, Seattle Mariners
Kid-17, Seattle Mariners
Kid-20, Cincinnati Reds
Kid-26, Cincinnati Reds

Wrigley at 100:
Wrig-26, Mark Grace
Wrig-28, Fergie Jenkins (2)
Wrig-35, Kris Bryant
Wrig-45, Jackie Robinson

Hallowed Highlights:
HH-1 Stan Musiel
HH-2 Ozzie Smith
HH-6 Mark McGwire
HH-11: Don Mattingly (2)

Team Logo Pin:
TLP-JR, Jackie Robinson

First Pitch:
FP-6, Jeff Tweedy
FP-7, Jim Harbaugh
FP-11, Miguel Cotto
FP-16, Jim Caviezel
FP-17, George H. W. Bush

Inserts from Pack 1
Inserts from Pack 2
Inserts from Pack 3
Inserts from Pack 4
The "hits" from packs 3 & 4
Inserts from Pack 5
Inserts from Pack 6
Inserts from Pack 7
Inserts from Pack 8
Inserts from Pack 9
Inserts from Pack 10
If you see anything here that you'd like, don't hesitate to contact me. Most of these will be available for trade.

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  1. The Griffey relic and the Trea Turner helps ease the sting of the Givens auto. I'm sure you will have no trouble finding trade partners for all of these.

    1. Hi Matt: You're right about the Griffey relic taking the sting out. The Turner is neat, too. Thank you for commenting.