Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kentucky Strawberry's and a Tangent

The cards listed here were received in a trade of some 2016 Cincinnati Reds cards with Jason over at his fascinating The Writer's Journey. As is usual, I am grateful for Jason's willingness to take the cards off my hands and feel rather overwhelmed at his generosity in sending back some Darryl Strawberry cards for my collection.

Here's a list:

1991 gold-bordered card, says it is licensed but no other information
1991 Classic, Card #177
1991 Donruss, Card #696
1991 Fleer Ultra, Card #171

1992 Triple Play, Card #187

1997 Donruss, Card #261
1997 Pacific, Card #161
1997 Pinnacle Inside, Card #74
1997 Score, Card #79
1997 Upper Deck Collectors Choice, Card #399

1999 Topps, Card #18
1999 Topps Stadium Club, Card #7
1999 Upper Deck Victory, Card #327

I cannot seem to scan cards in chronological order though that is how they are stored. Which is embarrassing considering that I know very well how to use a scanner.

Oh, the baseball card Gods are a curious lot. I would love to see cards that never were. Sometimes we do get a glimpse as the photographs they choose are wanting in the flattery department. Such as the 1999 Stadium Club card (below, second row, middle picture). Straw looks quite fatigued. I shouldn't make fun - and really I'm not - because this was likely taken around the time where he was playing with diagnosed colon cancer.

I wonder if players have any approval rights of images of themselves that will be put on cards and posters, billboards and guides? But I guess my point is, is that photos just shouldn't be that bad. That being said, they kind of still are. Maybe you all remember a few years ago there was a YouTube video highlighting the prominence of "Bitchy Resting Face"?

Well, I think that baseball cards feature "Ugly Pitching Face". The epitome of Ugly Pitching Face is Madison Bumgarner, who I firmly believe will come and kick my ass some day for this.

Bumgarner has a rich history of ugly pitching face cards. In many cases it all looks like the same face, but I believe there are subtle variations, like the flavors in wine. Luis Severino of the Yankees also qualifies, as does Kenta Maeda. Ugly Pitching Face reminds me of something Tony L of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards pointed out about the seeming requirement of all Ryan Braun cards to feature his eyes practically popping out their sockets.

Well, that was a digression. Thank you again Jason, sincerely, for these cards. I truly appreciate your generosity.

Thanks for stopping by!

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