Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Kindness of Strangers

P-Town Tom, moderator of the 'Til Next Year and host of the great Chipmunk Challenge, surprised me with a packet of cards recently. Cards of the Darryl Strawberry variety. To pervert one of the greatest 1980s songs (and videos), he "Blinded Me With Kindness". Tom included a handwritten note on the back of a thematically relevant page-a-day calendar:

Hope you don't mind my scanning it! This kind of effort is above and beyond, especially because I can't remember sending him anything out of the ordinary and felt his first packet was more than enough in trade. I need to find a baseball card shop nearby that might have player boxes such as Tom describes. Not only for my greedy Strawberry collection but because it might help me both find cards that others need/want/desire and also broaden my interests.

As I think I mentioned before, that pout-y Giants card is spectacular and the sparkly one is particularly cool. It's the "Platinum Team Sets" one and it completes the three issues of this card (Base, Gold Rush, Platinum). This Platinum one looks totally different in person, but whatever they did to it to give it its effects reflects the lights of the scanner strangely.

Thanks P-Tom Tom!

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. I actually put the card of the pout-y Strawberry back in the box when I came across it. I thought, "Peter doesn't want a depressed Darryl."
    Then I found the sparkly parallel and I had to go back and find the base.
    Glad the cards were a hit!

  2. For some reason, Tom, your comments don't get emailed to me but everyone else's do. Weird. I'm really glad you re-pulled out the pout-y Strawberry. I mean: yes, it's a bloody awful card, but how could you not love it? Thank you again. Massive hit. After Puig's disappearance today I bet his next year's card is a pout-y Puig.