Monday, August 29, 2016

1984 Star and Puzzle Darryl Strawberry

You know for .99 cents this wasn't a bad haul. I'm crap at math, but I think I paid 450% more in shipping than I did for the cards. These are the thirty-six 1984 Star Darryl Strawberry cards. 1-12, listed below, are in four uncut panels of three cards each. For the sake of this blog though I separated them. There were 24 more cards, show down below, that I did keep as one. Star seems to have made sets of 9-12 cards for much of the 1980s and into the 1990s. I've gotten other Star and Nova sets, too, and will blog about those in just a bit.

Below are the rest of the cards: two sets of twelve and on the back are a puzzle of Strawberry in the action of a post-swing stance preparing to leave the batters box on his way to first. I'm pretending he hit and is admiring a home run. Regardless, it's the same image as card number 3 above. In the second puzzle, a young Straw is preparing to throw the ball in what looks like the ease of a a warm-up toss. This image can be seen, in full color, in the last card on the second chunk below. Most of the cards below are different, but you'll notice in the second row, first card of each it is the same image.


Part of my motivation for this eBay purchase, as well as the other Star issues, is that these were not presented in the Trading Card Database and I was eager to contribute to providing images. Which I did because I'm awesome.

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