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Baseball Numismatics

Blog post updated to reflect trades: 2 September 2016

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. Baseball was very into numismatics in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. The last time I was home I recovered these from a bin of childhood memories.

7-11 brilliantly offered coins in the bottom of their Slurpee's for a while in the 1980s. Of course, as players of baseball, as fans of the sport, and as children with an insatiable appetite for sugar, we were all about the Slurpee and their coins. Not sure what I wanted more: the coin or the sugar?

The left side are from 1984; the right are from 1986. If any of them are wanted by anyone reading this blog, please contact me and they'll be on their way to you before the sugar rush wanes.


Featured here from 1984:
Dave Winfield (Yankees, #7) TRADED
Bill Madlock (Pirates, #11) TRADED
Dave Stieb (Blue Jays, #13) TRADED
Ron Guidry (Yankees, #16) TRADED
Tony Pena (Pirates, #18)
Rick Dempsey (Orioles, #21) and
Rich Gossage (Yankees, #22) TRADED

For 1986, these are all "Triple Stars":
Slugging Champs: Harold Baines (White Sox), Pedro Guerrero (Dodgers), Dave Parker (Reds), #4 TRADED
Cy Young Winners: Rob Guidry (Yankees), Bret Saberhagen (Royals), Fernando Valenzuela (Dodgers), #6 TRADED
Bullpen Aces: Rich Gossage (Padres), Dan Quisenberry (Royals), Bruce Sutter (Braves), #7 TRADED
Rookies: Steve Lyons (Red Sox), Rich Schu (Phillies), Larry Sheets (Orioles), #9 TRADED
Bullpen Aces: Jeff Reardon (Expos), Dave Righetti (Yankees), Bob Stanley (Red Sox), #10 TRADED
Base Stealers: Rickey Henderson (Yankees), Tim Raines (Expos), Juan Samuel (Phillies), #12 TRADED
Bullpen Rookies: Tim Burke (Expos), Brian Fisher (Yankees), Roger McDowell (Mets), #15 TRADED
Sluggers: Jesse Barfield (Blue Jays), Gary Carter (Mets), Fred Lynn (Orioles), #16 TRADED

Topps entered the coin market, too. The following are available to anyone that wants them:

1989 Benito (Benny) Santiago (Padres, #24)
1989 George Brett  (Royals, #34) (2 of them; 1 has a dink it it)
1989 Fred McGriff (Blue Jays, #44)
1989 Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles, #50) (3 of them)

Also in the scans, but not for trade, are several Darryl Strawberry coins: 7-11 coins from 1984 and 1986 (Triple Stars Power Hitters, with George Bell (Blue Jays) and Dave Winfield (Yankees), a 1990 Topps coin and a 1990 pin.

I'm not even sure I could drink a Slurpee today. I certainly know that if I tried, I wouldn't do like I did back then and combine Coke with Blue Raspberry and Cherry. Relatedly, I'm not sure I could eat a Twinkee. I did have one about six or so years ago, just to try it and it did very little for me. Did anyone out there eat Brown Edge Wafers?  Man, those were the best.

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  1. Those 7-11 coins are really cool. I'm interested if there are any left.