Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Don't Chew The Gum!

Tony Burbs of the awesome Wrigley Roster Jenga ran a giveaway contest. I won, which is weird because I never really win anything. Usually because I don't enter contests, I don't play the lottery, and generally never get in a situation to win something. But Tony's query was a good challenge and the reward was two 1987 Topps wax packs, with the gum. Though Tony was thoughtful enough to remind me in his note not to chew the gum. Believe me, sadly, I was tempted to do just that.

Pack 1:Broken gum, but some cool cards like Harold Baines, Lance Parrish All-Star, Steve Carlton (hard to think of him as anything other than a Phillies pitcher even though he played for a bunch of other teams in his ridiculously long career), and Bert Blyleven.

Pack 2: Entact gum. Great cards, too, including record breakers for Dave Righetti and Todd Worrell, Ozzie Smith, Fred Lynn, Julio Franco and three guys that embrace the quintessential 1987 baseball look: Johnny Grubb, Gary Pettis, and the oddly skin-toned Frank Williams.

We're not done yet: Tony included a potpourri of 29 cards. The highlight for me are seven Darryl Strawberry's cards. All were welcome, though. These are all great. The strange transparent card (top row, second from left; the weird mustache guy; and the over-large headed Orlando Cabrera (bottom row, far left).

The rest of the potpourri are below: young Mo Vaughan and Bernie Williams, 1981 Arizona State team card, and then two of the greats: Christy Matthewson and Walter "The Big Train" Johnson. According to the David Price Nickname Generator, my baseball nickname would be "Mini Wheats".

Thanks Tony! And, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Glad you liked your winnings! Also, I gave into that temptation once not so long ago and I still haven't gotten the cardboard taste out of my mouth.

    1. You were very brave to try to eat the card. Next time, try the gum. Um...