Sunday, August 21, 2016

St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies, 21 August 2018

It's cheaper to drive down to Philadelphia to see a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park than it is to travel just a few miles up the road to see the Red Sox. So we went down to see the rubber match of a weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday 21 August 2016.

We sat in section 138, row 8, seats 1-4 and got to witness a shockingly boring game despite seeing four Cardinals home runs. Here are some views from our seats:

Before the game, we took in a lunch. Happily, they offer vegan/vegetarian options which was perhaps as that's what my wife and I are. And I enjoyed a very nice refreshing Victory Hop Devil.

After lunch, we looked at their Memory Lane where they have plaques for Phillies greats as well as a statue, above, of Richie Ashburn.

I was particularly to see John Kruk and it recalled the one game I saw in old Veterans Stadium in the summer of 1993. I have ticket stub for that somewhere, as well as a baseball card pack with Kruk's card on it. Will try to unearth those sometime.

It rained for much of the game; no foul balls came anywhere near us. For a while it seemed as though the Phillies weren't even going to swing their bats, yet they still managed to scatter 9 hits. The "crowd" rightly booed when they failed to send Franco home on a fly out to center field and the Cardinals smashed 4 home runs.

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  1. I was pulling for the Phillies this series. I've never made my way to Citizens Bank Park. Philly is a pretty good haul from my area.