Sunday, August 7, 2016

When Logic Fails/Strawberry Sunday

I needed just 19 cards to complete my Topps 2016 baseball card set so I took to Just Commons in order to finish it off. I had to wait a few weeks for their stock to include the cards from Series 2. In mid-ish July, they finally had all the ones I needed so I put in the order. Very happy to have a complete set. Here are the 19 I needed:

This came to about three or four dollars. But, logic completely failed me. I could've paid the $3.00 for shipping or whatever it was. But if I spent $15 I got free shipping. Logically, spending $6 or $7 (inclusive of shipping) is less than spending $15 and getting shipping for nothing. But my logic failed, miserably. Not only did I more than double my intended expenses, but I tripled it! Because, let's be honest, when I actually selected enough cards to eclipse their $15 threshold, I wasn't very well going to stop.

So I searched their Darryl Strawberry's and found a slew to buy. Including what is among my all time favorite bad picture cards, his 1995 Score card #209. I had to buy two of them as one is the "Gold Rush" parallel card. For like $.45 who cares, right?

1984 O-Pee-Chee, Card #182
1993 Stadium Club Inserts (Ken Griffey Jr./Darryl Strawberry), Card #B4

1994 Flair, Card #444
1994 Fleer Update, Card #196
1994 Pinnacle, Card #294
1994 Score Gold Rush, Card #428
1994 Sportflics Rookie Traded, Card #149
1994 Stadium Club Golden Rainbow, Card #335
1994 Topps Finest, Card #087
1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice, Card #366

1995 Score, Card #209
1995 Score Gold Rush, Card #209
1995 Score Hall of Gold, Card #HG036
1995 Topps, Card #629
1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice SE, Card #113
1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice SE Silver Signature, Card #113

1996 Donruss, Card #215

1997 Circa, Card #221
1997 Donruss, Card #261
1997 Donruss Elite, Card #110
1997 Metal Universe, Card #123
1997 Studio, Card #143

1998 Bowman, Card #256

2010 Topps Cards Mother Threw Out, Card #CMT095

2011 Topps Update, Card #238B

2013 Select Prizm, Card #120
2013 Topps Archives Four-In-One, Card #69S-BPDS (Don Baylor, Dave Parker, Eric Davis, and Darryl Strawberry )
2013 Topps Archives Four-In-One, Card #69S-SWGJ (Mookie Wilson, Dwight Gooden, Howard Johnson, and Darryl Strawberry)

So, the Strawberry collection, via trades and purchases, is filling out a little bit.

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