Saturday, September 10, 2016

Darryl Strawberry: 1988 Star (Platinum)

The Star Company had so many photographs of Darryl Strawberry, they just had to add on to the Blue set which I blogged about recently with "Platinum" series as well. These cards all seem to feature similar information such as a "Checklist", "Minor League Stats", "Major League Stats", "Playoff Stats", "All Star Stats", "Career Info", "1982 Texas League Stats", "1993 NL Top Rookie", "1988 NL MVP", and "Personal Data". I am wondering where the "Bowel Movement Regularity" card is? (Hell, I feel like this is more important a metric than WAR.)

My, these cards weren't squared up squarely at all. 

I have likely said this too many times, but part of my motivation to acquire these sets was their absence of images from the Trading Card Database. So I'm getting cards for my collection and growing that site as well. 

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