Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Darryl Strawberry 1988 Star (Purple)

Another eBay purchase! Here are the cards in yet another Star baseball card product from 1988. This time using the color purple, undoubtedly inspired by the Alice Walker novel, in an eleven card set. As with the other Star products we get the usual information on the card backs, but with different photographs used on the fronts. They show our man Darryl Strawberry:

Casual, enjoying a lighter moment

Running to first:

Playing outfield in a post crotch-grab stance:

Wondering what's for dinner?:

Throwing the ball with a goofy look on his face:

Taking a healthy lead off second:

Turned the wrong way around:

Popping out to shallow left?:

Showing off his track skills:

Asking for some Rolaids because dinner didn't agree with him:

Watching another pop out:

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