Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Boston Red Sox

Some classic Boston Red Sox commons here. Who doesn't want another Todd Benzinger in their collection? Or everyone's favorite - a manager card for John McNamara! Anyone, anyone? Hello?

1995 Fleer gives me seizures.

1987 Topps: Kevine Romine, Ed Romero
1988 Donruss: Spike Owen
1988 Topps: Todd Benzinger, Bruce Hurst, Wes Gardner, Rich Gedman, Steve Crawford, Marc Sullivan, John McNamara, Tom Bolton, Marty Barrett, Calvin Schiraldi
1989 Donruss: Mike Greenwell (MVP, BC-13)
1989 Topps: Rick Cerone, Spike Owen, Marty Barrett, Dennis Lamp, Tom Bolton (2), Steve Curry (2), Todd Benzinger, Carlos Quintana (2)
1990 Fleer: John Dopson, Nick Esasky. Jody Reed
1990 Topps: Marty Barrett, Joe Price
1991 Donruss: John Dopson, Gregg Harris
1991 Fleer: Dana Kiecker, Luis Rivera
1991 Score: Mike Rochford, Tony Pena, Danny Heep, John Marzano
1991 Topps: Greg Harris, Mike Boddicker, Tom Brunansky
1991 Upper Deck: Tim Naehring (2)
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Jody Reed, Scott Cooper
1992 Fleer: Carlos Quintana
1992 Score: Tom Brunansky, Tom Bolton, Danny Darwin, Carlos Quintana (3), Joe Hesketh, Kevin Morton, Bob Zupcic
1992 Topps: Dana Kiecker, Bob Zupcic, Joe Hesketh, John Marzano, Mike Gardiner
1992 Topps Gold: Dana Kiecker TRADED
1992 Upper Deck: Tony Pena, Tom Brunansky
1993 Pinnacle: Luis Rivera
1993 Score: Tony Pena TRADED
1994 Fleer Ultra: Paul Quantrill
1994 Score: Danny Darwin, Bob Zupcic (2)
1995 Fleer: Carlos Quintana

As per usual, if any cards listed here will fill in a need in your collection or will help to level out a wonky table, please do let me know!

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