Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Cincinnati Reds

Please note that while many Cincinnati Reds baseball cards are listed below, some of the cards have already been send away to a new home. That's how much in demand these cards are. Please note that one of the Jose Rijo cards is "signed" and when I say "signed" I mean that the signature is forged. These cards came from a friend so it might have been him, or maybe his brother. Maybe I should've just chucked it? But maybe someone out there collect's cards with forged signatures made by 8-10 year olds?

1987 Topps: Ron Oester, Eddie Milner
1988 Donruss: Ron Robinson
1988 Topps: Ron Oester, Ted Power, Nick Esasky, Ron Robinson, Rob Murphy
1988 Topps Traded: Jose Rijo
1989 Donruss: Bo Diaz
1989 Topps: Rob Dibble, Danny Jackson
1990 Donruss: Tim Birtsas
1990 Fleer: Jack Armstrong
1990 Topps: Eric Davis (All-Star)
1991 Donruss: Billy Hatcher, Randy Myers, Glenn Braggs
1991 Fleer: Keith Brown, Rob Dibble, Jeff Reed
1991 O-Pee-Chee: Reggie Sanders TRADED
1991 Score: Mariano Duncan, Ron Oester, Glenn Sutko, Bill Doran, Luis Quinones (2)
1991: Score Dream Team: Randy Myers
1991 Topps: Rick Mahler
1991 Upper Deck: Jose Rijo
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Paul O'Neill, Dan Wilson
1992 Fleer: Freddie Benavides, Glenn Braggs, Mariano Duncan
1992 Fleer Ultra: Rob Dibble
1992 Score: Eric Davis, Scott Scudder, Jose Rijo, Mariano Duncan, Glenn Braggs
1992 Topps: Randy Myers (2), Glenn Braggs, Terry Lee, Kip Gross, Steve Foster TRADED, Norm Charlton, Mo Sanford, Rob Dibble, Hal Morris
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Scott Ruskin
1992 Upper Deck: Glenn Braggs
1993 Donruss: Jose Rijo
1993 Fleer: Freddie Benavides TRADED
1993 Leaf: Joe Oliver TRADED
1993 Score: Dwayne Henry, Rob Dibble (2) TRADED
1993 Score Select: Hal Morris, Bip Roberts
1993 Topps: Reggie Sanders, Jose Rijo, Bill Doran
1994 Score: Tom Browning TRADED
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Roberto Mejia TRADED
1995 Donruss: Brian Dorsett
1995 Fleer: Hall Morris, Deion Sanders TRADED
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Jose Rijo
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: John Smiley

Classic 1980s and early 1990s Reds here from Bo Diaz to Eric Davis to Glenn Braggs and the Nasty Boys. (So... they'd have to address her as Ms. Jackson, cause they're nasty).

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