Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Cleveland Indians

All of these Cleveland Indians baseballs cards from 1982-1995, have been claimed and already mailed. But, because I had prepared the blog post I thought I'd still post it anyway so that you all could see what you were missing...

1982 Fleer: Ron Hassey
1987 Topps: Cory Snyder, Brook Jacoby, Andy Allanson, Brett Butler
1988 Donruss: Carmen Castillo
1988 Topps: Greg Swindell, Scott Bailes, Brook Jacoby
1989 Donruss: Greg Swindell
1989 Topps: Mel Hall (with forged signature), Mark Lewis
1990 Donruss: Greg Swindell (MVP, BC-10), Jerry Browne, Dion James, Scott Bailes
1990 Fleer: Dave Clark, Pete O'Brien, Joel Skinner (2), Greg Swindell
1990 Score: Greg Swindell
1990 Topps: John Farrell, Kevin Wickander
1991 Donruss: Mark Lewis, Joel Skinner, Brook Jacoby, Chris James, Colby Ward, Dion James  (with forged signature)
1991 Fleer: Joel Skinner
1991 Fleer Ultra: Felix Fermin
1991 Score: Jerry Browne, Jesse Orosco (3), Tim Costo, Efrain Valdez
1991 Topps: Tim Costo, Charles Nagy
1991 Upper Deck: Mark Lewis, Tim Costo, Cory Snyder
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Mark Whiten, Mark Lewis
1992 Fleer: Shawn Hillegas, Rod Nichols
1992 Score: Doug Jones, Shawn Hillegas, Reggie Jefferson
1992 Topps: Reggie Jefferson, Rod Nichols (2), Chris James (2)
1992 Topps Gold: Jesse Orosco
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Chris James, Shawn Hillegas, Brook Jacoby
1993 Fleer: Reggie Jefferson, Ted Power
1993 Pinnacle: Dave Mlicki
1993 Score: Mark Lewis, Jack Armstrong
1993 Topps: Carlos Martinez, Dennis Cook, Rod Nichols, Charles Nagy
1994 Fleer Ultra: Chad Ogea
1994 Score: Candy Maldonado, Derek, Lilliquist, Jerry DiPoto
1995 Score: Julian Tavarez
1995 Topps Stadium Club: Paul Sorrento
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Herbert Perry

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