Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Detroit Tigers

What can you say about the Detroit Tigers? Paul Gibson had some killer glasses back in the day. That's for sure. Many of the greats are here like Chet Lemon, Lou Whitaker, and Willie Hernandez. It's a shame the Mike Laga card fell victim to my friends practicing the art of forgery -- makes me wonder though if he's still at it...

1984 Donruss: Mike Laga (with forged signature!)
1986 Topps Mini: Darrell Evans (very damaged)
1987 Donruss: Frank Tanana
1987 Topps: Mike Heath
1988 Donruss: Willie Hernandez, Jim Morrison
1988 Topps: Eric King, Mark Thurmond
1989 Donruss: Mike Heath
1989 Topps: Doyle Alexander, Jeff Robinson, Pat Sheridan, Paul Gibson, Dave Bergman
1990 Donruss: Doyle Alexander, Mike Brumley, Gary Ward, Tracy Jones
1990 Fleer: Paul Gibson, Steve Searcy (2), Frank Tanana
1990 Topps: Ken Williams, Tracy Jones
1991 Donruss: Lloyd Moseby, Chet Lemon, Scott Aldred
1991 Fleer: Mike Schwabe
1991 Score: Dave Bergman, Scott Aldred, Rico Brogna, Cecil Fielder (1990 Highlight)
1991 Topps: Clay Parker
1991 Upper Deck: Travis Fryman, Mike Henneman, Chet Lemon
1992 Donruss Triple Play:
1992 Score: Milt Cuyler (2), Rob Deer (2), Travis Fryman, Mickey Tettleton (3), John Cerutti, Mike Henneman, Bill Gullickson, Lou Whitaker, Paul Gibson, Pete Incaviglia, Scott Livingtone (4)
1992 Studio: Lou Whitaker
1992 Topps: Dave Bergman, Rob Deer
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Travis Fryman, Bill Gullickson, Dave Bergman, Paul Gibson, Rich Rowland
1992 Upper Deck: Travis Fryman (Diamond Skills: Best Infield Arm)
1993 Donruss: Milt Cuyler
1993 Fleer Ultra: Milt Cuyler
1993 Score: Gary Pettis TRADED
1993 Score Select: Bill Gullickson, Milt Cuyler, Kurt Knudsen
1993 Topps: Mark Carreon TRADED
1994 Score: Gary Thurman

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