Monday, October 31, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Houston Astros

A lot of Houston Astros cards here from the Shoebox that keeps on giving. If you collect Astros cards, just imagine how wonderful it would be to received a mailing from me with free cards in it! Any Dave Dohde collectors out there? Any one? Please do send this post to any Astros collector's you may know.

1987 Topps: Mark Bailey, Mike Scott, Astros Team Leaders
1988 Donruss: Bill Doran, Denny Walling, Dave Meads
1988 Topps: Kevin Bass, Astros Team Leaders (2)
1989 Topps: Terry Puhl TRADED,, Bill Doran, Jim Deshaies, Craig Reynolds
1990 Fleer: Eric Anthony, Kevin Bass
1990 Topps: Glenn Davis
1991 Bowman: Dave Dohde TRADED
1991 Donruss: Dave Smith, Mark Portugal
1991 Fleer: Mark Davidson, Mike Simms
1991 Score: Xavier Hernandez, Randy Hennis, Andujar Cedeno, Glenn Davis
1991 Topps: Jim Deshaies
1991 Upper Deck: Mike Simms
1992 Fleer: Xavier Hernandez (with forged signature!)
1992 Score: Ken Caminiti, Eric Yelding (2), Luis Gonzalez, Mark Portugal, Mark Davidson, Gerald Young (2)
1992 Topps: Gerald Young (2), Jim Deshaies, Xavier Hernandez, Dwayne Henry
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Rob Murphy
1992 Upper Deck: Eric Yelding
1993 Pinnacle: Eric Anthony
1993 Topps: Eric Anthony, Xavier Hernandez, Butch Henry, Rich Scheid
1994 Upper Deck: Joe Boever
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Peter Harnisch
1995 Topps Stadium Club: Steve Finley
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Darryl Kile (Special Edition), Orlando Miller (Special Edition)

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