Monday, October 24, 2016

A Strawberry Surprise

P-Town Tom, of Waitin' Till Next Year, sent me a little PWE Strawberry surprise the other day. And I think he might be a mind reader. I recently had my first real, intensive brush with baseball cards from 1991-1996 as I was sorted a shoebox of baseball cards that a friend gave to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of sorting the cards by team and learning some of the design characteristics of the period. Most of the card designs were fine, but it was Fleer's 1995 that was giving me epileptic fits of ocular displeasure. But in also sorting through them, I coincidentally took a look at the 1995 Darryl Strawberry cards that I have and discovered I got acquire the bulk of his cards for this year pretty cheap as there are so few (tradingcarddb lists only 25 cards - and most of them are base & parallels). So I put in an order via COMC which included this dreaded 1995 Fleer and wiped my hands clean.

But, Tom in his prescience had picked up said Fleer plus two others: the 1993 Upper Deck Diamond Gallery card with a hologram and, as well, a 1998 Bowman.

I still struggle mightily seeing Strawberry in the Dodgers uniform. I just always consider him a Mets. This is perhaps unfair of me.

Ok. 1995. I scanned this card and looked at it at super 100% view in Photoshop. I found it really intriguing and it certainly might have seemed sophisticated for the time? Anyone know? I mean, it seems like opinions are instantly proffered these days for card designs but am not sure if they were reviewed contemporaneously.

Inverting the color profile and using 3-D Technology, I separated the layers.  I used Photoshop to restitch together the pieces and to my surprise, the image that appeared was the Wanted poster for Mama Fratelli in from The Goonies;

Uncanny, right?

For some reason I'm more comfortable with Strawberry in a Giants uni than the others if he's not being a Mets. He played just 29 games for the Giants in 1994 so it was nice of the card makers to issue him a 1995 card even though he was released by the Giants in early February of that year before signing with the New York Yankees.

The only thing stranger than Strawberry wearing a Dodgers uniform is him wearing a Yankees uniform.But, at least the backs of these Bowman cards offers a different perspective on the player's previous years performance. Big fan of this manner of stats presentation.

All the cards are very welcome additions to my collection. I can't help but thing that the 1993 hologram was was very technologically cool at the time. It's kind of still really cool to me now.

Thanks Tom! You rock!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I've been collecting for 40+ years, and I feel safe in saying that the reaction in 1995 was about the same as the reaction today: "GAAAAHHHH!!!!"

    It was particularly disappointing for me because I loved Fleer for much of the 1980's, but at some point they went into a downward spiral towards cardboard madness.

  2. Glad the cards got their safely! :)