Thursday, October 6, 2016

Check Out My Darryl Strawberry Cards

The other week, well, in August, I decided to give Check Out My Cards a go. They had different stock than Just Commons does and generally at higher prices. But, still, I kind of just wanted to try it so I tried to look for earlier Darryl Strawberry cards to fill in those issued during his playing days.

I have to admit I find these cards more exciting that anything produced after he retired. And that goes for most of the cards issue now or in the past for players past their glory days.

Anyway. This order was built around my wanting the Drake's cards and the two Nestle's. After a while I stopped really paying attention, which I regret because I spent a little more than I had intended to. There are some highlights though.

The 1985 Topps Tiffany's are wonderful. These were unobtainable to my 11 year old self because the prices were exorbitant. Or they seemed so. They are so different feeling and looking from the base set issue. The cardboard is much finer, a little slimmer: it seems almost crisp.

The other one that blew my mind was the 1985 Topps Super. They ain't kiddin! That card is huge.

The 1984 and 1985 Topps Transfers (because, let's face it, "Rub Downs" sounds really dirty) baffle me. Same exact players and stuff but clearly stated, different copyright years. Have to look in to see if that's a mistake of if they really were that lazy & unoriginal.

1984 Fleer Star Stickers Album Stickers #104
1984 Topps Nestle #182
1984 Topps Drake's Big Hitters #29
1984 Topps Transfers #7 - Pedro Guerrero, Darryl Strawberry, Tom Brunansky

1985 Donruss #312
1985 Fleer #631 - N.L. All-Stars (Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter, Steve Garvey, Ozzie Smith)
1985 O-Pee-Chee Album Stickers #100
1985 O-Pee-Chee Album Stickers #179
1985 Topps Album Stickers #100
1985 Topps Box Set Collector's Edition (Tiffany) #278
1985 Topps Box Set Collector's Edition (Tiffany) #570
1985 Topps Super #30
1985 Topps Transfers #N/A - Pedro Guerrero, Darryl Strawberry, Tom Brunansky

1986 Drake's Big Hitters Food Issue [Base] #16

1987 Drake's Big Hitters/Super Pitchers #1

1988 Nestle #18

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  1. Very nice! I've been accumulating a few Strawberry's myself to send your way.

  2. Wait, what. You've been doing what? That's above and beyond!