Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Oakland Athletics

Periodically in baseball there comes along a player with the most un-baseball name of all time. My vote for this shoebox goes to Kirk Dressendorfer.

And another instance seeing Willie Randolph as a non-Yankees player. That's just weird. Another another Willie, McGee, as a non-Cardinals. Terry Steinbach well represented; I also have some 1987 Topps Mark McGwire's and Jose Canseco's if anyone is interested.

1987 Topps: Joaquin Andojar
1988 Donruss: Rick Honeycutt
1988 Topps: Storm Davis, Mike Davis, Tim Birtsas (2), Gene Nelson
1989 Fleer: Gene Nelson
1990 Fleer: Lance Blankenship, Mike Gallego, Terry Steinbach
1990 Topps: Carney Lansford
1991 Donruss: Mike Moore (with forged signature!), Gene Nelson
1991 Score: Willie Randolph, Gene Nelson, Willie McGee, Ray Young (2), Terry Steinbach
1991 Topps: Mike Moore
1991 Upper Deck: Willie Randolph
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Kirk Dressendorfer (seriously)
1992 Fleer: Mike Gallego
1992 Score: Mike Gallego  (3), Joe Klink, Ernest Riles, Willie Wilson, Troy Afenir
1992 Topps: Gene Nelson, Terry Steinbach (2), Mike Bordick, Dave Stewart, Brook Jacoby
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Willie Wilson
1993 Pinnacle: Willie Wilson
1993 Score: Eric Fox
1993 Score Select: Jeff Russell
1993 Topps: Eric Fox
1994 Score: Rick Honeycutt TRADED, Troy Neel
1994 Upper Deck: Mike Bordick, Terry Steinbach
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Kurt Abbott
1995 Fleer: Steve Karsay
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Brent Gates, Eric Young (Special Edition & Special Edition Silver Signature)

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