Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Seattle Mariners

During the period these Seattle Mariners baseball cards represent they were not so hot, finishing in the bottom half of the division more often than not, despite having Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, and Randy Johnson (would be a good name for an certain kind of actor, no?) among others, on the squad.

Anyway, lots of commons here. I was a fan of Harold Reynolds when he was a player and I like him quite a bit, too, as a analyst. There are to Reynolds cards here. But also lots of cards for great mediocre (is that an oxymoron?) players, too.

1987 Donruss: Mike Trujillo
1988 Donruss: Mark Langston, Bill Wilkinson
1988 Score: Harold Reynolds
1988 Topps: Ken Phelps, Dave Valle, Steve Shields,
1989 Topps: Mike Kingery, Dave Valle, Bill Wilkinson
1990 Fleer: Keith Comstock, Dennis Powell, Bill Swift, David Valle
1990 Topps: Greg Briley
1991 Donruss: Keith Comstock, Mike Schooler, Greg Briley (2)
1991 Score: Marc Newfield, Erik Hanson, Mike Schooler (2), Greg Briley, Pete O'Brien, Gene Harris, Mike Gardiner, David Burba
1991 Topps: Bill Swift, Russ Swan
1991 Upper Deck: Mike Gardiner (2), Harold Reynolds (Collector's Choice), Roger Salkeld, Jeffrey Leonard
1992 Donruss Triple Play: David Valle
1992 Fleer: Henry Cotto, Pat Rice
1992 Score: Jay Buhner, Mike Jackson, Brian Holman, Greg Briley, Alonzo Powell, Pat Rice
1992 Topps: Brian Holman, Bill Krueger, Mike Jackson, Greg Briley, Russ Swan
1993 Fleer Ultra: Rich Amaral
1993 Leaf: Norm Charlton
1993 Score: Erik Hanson
1993 Topps: Erik Hanson, Rich Amaral
1993 Upper Deck: Lance Parrish
1994 Donruss: Chris Bosio
1994 Score: Dave Magadan, Dave Fleming, Tim Leary
1994 Upper Deck: Roger Salkeld
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Rich Amaral, Erik Hanson (2)
1995 Fleer: Roger Salkeld

I'm about to Obi Wan Kenobi you: "These are the cards you're looking for."*

Thanks for stopping by!

*The grammarian in me screams: NO NO. You don't end a sentence, even using the Force, with a fucking preposition.

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