Monday, November 7, 2016

Darryl Strawberry: 2016 Topps cards

Given that I have kind of dived right into the baseball card collecting hobby again after a long, long, long break, I thought I should try to get the current year's Darryl Strawberry cards.

I'm still debating about how I feel about this insistence on publishing baseball cards for long-since retired players. I get why it's done, and I'm potentially a hypocrite for buying them - for feeding the monster - and then criticizing them.

Anyway, Topps put out the 1985 style #1 draft pick card of Strawberry, but it wasn't the same picture as was featured in that set and, as well, the text on the back of the card isn't the same, either.

Topps Bunt started issuing digital baseball cards in 2012. It wasn't surprising that they opted to try printing this cards as well. Full size cards, I was rather thinking this could have been a mini-card in the old-school Topps Mini style, because a 'bunt' is a small kind of hit.

In the Topps Bunt|16 card above, for some reason this stance reminds me of Curtis Granderson. Am I alone in that?

I just found out recently that Topps put out something called a Gold Label set or series a short while ago and I saw that there were three Strawberry cards in that. They certainly never shy away from capitalizing on the hobby and I'm sucker enough to go out and get them. Probably.

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