Monday, January 16, 2017

Card Show Haul

Update: 17 January 2017: The Donruss cards have been claimed; as well as the Bowman Mattingly and McGriff. Thanks!

Hit the local card show today in Mansfield, Mass. as I had the day off of work. I woke up early and took a nice easy run in a state park before hitting the show...and I wasn't even the smelliest person there! I meant to run longer but it was 16 F and really just kind of too much...

Actually walked out mostly emptied handed but felt like trying to pull in you good readers with a promising blog post title. I enjoyed the show, saw a lot of fantastic cards... It probably is the case that the same dealers show up each show with very similar main stock. Is that a valid impression? I looked through a few thousand cards and saw just 1 Darryl Strawberry -- 1985 Fleer. Which I had already.

I did see, out in the hallway as I was leaving, a couple of relic or auto cards but of my favorite fruity player, but at $10 or $20 a pop, wasn't really feeling it. If there was something particularly attractive I'd've gone ahead and made a purchase but I wasn't wowed or otherwise truly tempted.

But I did walk out with two free packs.

The first is 1990 Bowman. The #SizeMatters second year of their rebirth.Compete with a stick petrified-fossilized bubble gum. In fact, when I dropped it on the dining room table to take a picture and it broke, I was rather surprised the table didn't break instead.

Not truly awful cards, here, actually. The landscape Don Mattingly in mid-throw is really beautiful. Scored early cards for Robin Ventura and Tino Martinez; a relaxed looking Barry Larkin, and a lovely Fred McGriff. The gum stain on Omar Vizquel is gross. And sudddenly I regret swallowing all those sticks of gum that I did when I was a kid. Were you told, too, that it took your stomach like seven years to digest gum? It was such a serious health question that even the BBC covered it.

The second pack was 1991 Donruss which is colorful and spazzy featuring a kaleidoscope of colors.

This is practically an ex-Mets pack featuring back-to-back-to back cards of Wally Backman, Rich Aguilera, and Roger McDowell and then later Jesse Orosco. The Stargell puzzle piece wasn't very sexy; but that Ken Griffey Jr. all-star card sure is nice. Fernando "Four Eyes" Venenzuela and Dennis Martinez were also nifty. Rated Rookie Derek Bell is in here too. Not bad for random old school cards.

If anyone sees a card in here that they want please do give me a shout out in the comments or via the email listed at the top of the side bar. Also, in the next couple of weeks I'll be starting a new series of "junk wax" cards that are largely up for grabs. These were in a binder that I found in my closet at my parents house. So, maybe something to look forward to? Word up, yo.

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  1. I could use that McGriff Bowman.. I could also use the Donruss Bell, Dennis Martinez, and Brian Harper DK..

  2. Did you find any Indians in thw binders? You never did tell me. Thanks again for all the cards!

    1. Tim! Hi. Ugh...sorry. I have photographs of all the pages but haven't yet processed them or anything. I do hope to do this over the next week. I'll let you know what Indians are in there via email. Sorry for the delay.

    2. That is fine. I am in no rush.

  3. I actually need that Mattingly!

  4. It's always fun to hit a card show!

    I ran on Monday as well. It felt a little chilly to me running in the 52 degree temperatures here!

    1. I really wanted to get at the .07 and .10 boxes outside of the main card area but there were too many people there and I couldn't squeak in.

      grrrrrr. You know what you can do with your 52 degrees??? Well, I'll be polite and say "Send it up here".

  5. I passed up a 1990 Bowman factory set last month at the flea market. If I ever see the guy again... I might just make him an offer to see what else that set has to offer. I'm not a big fan of the posed portraits, but the Whitson and Mattingly are nice.