Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Baseball Card Style

A lot of baseball card bloggers are saying Happy New Year. I am too: Happy New Year. I guess the only difference is is that I really mean it. 2016 saw me kind of re-enter baseball card collecting after what, 25 year off or so. I don't really know where my Darryl Strawberry card collection was to begin with, but now I'm somewhere north of 400 unique cards, which seems unreal. Trading Card Database has that I have 583 cards, so somewhere my counting is off even though I'm fairly certain things are matched-up. I have a lot of dupes. I decided fairly late in the year to start collecting John Kruk, too. I think in terms of percentage increase this card collection grew more rapidly going from one or two cards, to more than 40.

I have a bunch of posts in the works, but wanted to write this today to wish you all a Happy New Year, Happy Collecting, and to thank you all for being so welcoming in my re-entry endeavors to the hobby. You are all a great bunch of people and I'm really really happy to have "met" so many through your blogs and trades.

Looking back at all the cards I got leaves me feeling rather happy. I think my best purchase was the card I most wanted as a kid: the 1983 Topps Traded Darryl Strawberry 108T.

It's a graded card which is neat. Though I didn't card much about it being a 7: I just wanted the darn thing. I do need/want an ungraded one for a 1983 Topps Traded set I got as a gift that was missing it.

I received far too many cards in trades and then most recently as a Secret Santa gift (blog post forthcoming). I'd single one or two out as being my "favorites" but wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or appear ungrateful. I can safely say though that I live in constant fear of 1995 Fleer. 1995 Donruss and Fleer Ultra were fine (-ish). Probably some of the others are fine, too. But the other cards for that year that I've seen are all rather frightening. The Base Fleer and Topps Stadium Club Ring Leaders take the cake and I'm astounded that there haven't been set-induced epileptic fits and lawsuits.

In addition to baseball cards, I started trying more and more and more beers. Typically IPA's as I find they offer the most robust flavors. They tend to be "citrus-y" which is weird for me because citrus isn't my normal go-to fruit. These are, or were, the current batch in my 'fridge.

At the moment, I'm just finished up the Baxter Stowaway which I wasn't looking forward to but actually found to be quite nice. I like a stronger beer; one that leaves me a little foggy-headed and as though I'm floating just a few feet above the ground.

In March 2016, I spent a few days in Florida and attended three Spring Training games (one in Port St. Lucie and two games in Jupiter). This was my first Spring Training excursion and I'm really happy to say I'm going back for two games and a long weekend to see games at the new Nationals park in West Palm Beach and also to see a game in Jupiter.  I also had collated a 2016 Topps Base Set -- if you have any needs from the base set, or inserts, please let me know. I don't think I'll be doing this again: if I want the set I'll buy it when the whole thing is released.

Another highlight took place in September when I went to a card show and got to meet and get Doc Gooden's autograph. It was a momentous day, in a good and bad way, as that was where I was when I found out that Jose Fernandez had died. I'm planning to hit another show on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. If another active player dies that day I will attend no other shows ever again. You know that feeling when you grab stack after stack of cards and go through them... how your thumb starts to hurt? It's a good feeling.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That 83TT Strawberry is such a great looking card. Congratulations on adding it to your collection.

  2. hat Strawberry card is lovely, but those shots of beer can and bottles are more lovely-er.

    1. They all taste really good, too. Much better at least than cardboard would...