Friday, February 3, 2017

1986 Topps Tattoos, Darryl Strawberry Card #18

Now back to our regularly scheduled Darryl Strawberry post here on Baseball Every Night...

Right after Christmas I ordered a few things off eBay to appease my collector's need for new stock despite not having caught up on posting all the cards I've gotten in the last few months. I suspect I'm not alone in doing this kind of thing??? I ordered a card missing from my 1986 Darryl Strawberry cards: his 1986 Topps Tattoos "card".

What showed up was just the Strawberry tattoo, though according to the Trading Card Database he was on a panel of tattoos that featured the following players: Ron Davis (Minnesota Twins), Glenn Davis (Houston Astros), Chris Brown (San Francisco Giants), Burt Hooton (Texas Rangers), Tim Wallach (Montreal Expos), Darryl Strawberry (New York Mets), Frank Viola (Minnesota Twins), Tom Brunansky (Minnesota Twins).

This is what the tattoo would look like if transferred to your skin or some other surface:

Only did that because I could... And, I won't actually put the tattoo on! Though I am tempted to do so. Well, we'll see: if the IPA's are too strong this weekend, or the football game and commercials not very entertaining...

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  1. If you do put it on, you'll definitely be the coolest kid on the block!