Wednesday, February 8, 2017

1989 Star Platinum Darryl Strawberry

In advance of a snow storm, a nice little blog post to start off the night. My work closed tomorrow which is sweet. Any Thursday where you don't have to set the alarm clock is a great Thursday.

Right. So. I scoured ebay and Trading Card Database in the spring and summer making a list of all the bleeping Star sets from the late 1980s and early 1990s to determine all the sets that were put out that featured my childhood baseball idol and current baseball card collecting interest Darryl Strawberry. After making a master list I systematically went out to obtain them all. But... Did I? I don't know. Maybe! I got a lot of sets this spring and summer and blogged about them, much to your boredom. I had two sets that were missing from my collection, apparently. One that I saw listed as 1989 Star Platinum and 1992 Star Gold. I tracked them for a long time: Cardspotting, if you will. The prices never came down and no bids were ever made. I asked for but didn't get either for Christmas because no one in my family really loves me, so bought them for myself. Cardturbation, am I right?

Anyway...then came the cards in the mail. They came quite quickly, actually, which pleased me. Nothing like a premature delivery. A happy ending, if you will.  But... you knew there was a but... Opening the cards...boy did I feel like a jerk. Off the bat, I saw the cards and was like, Wait. I have these. I was feeling like I was not the master of my domain.

The problem is that they are listed by experienced sellers as both (either) 1988 and (or) 1989 Star Platinum. And sometimes as 1988-1989. I think the fact that it's PSA graded should guide my own conclusion on the matter. Maybe? Anyway, the cards are below. Again... but one thing I noticed that I missed the first time around appears in card numbered 89 (it's 9 on the checklist). So, hop down after enjoying the scans of cards 81-88...

That leg kick meant trouble for the ball.

Makes it look easy, effortless.

Such a sweet swing.

Nice face!

Wait a minute... "1988 N.L. MVP". What you talkin' about Willis. Strawberry was not the N.L. MVP in 1988, Kirk "The Hobbler" Gibson was. Strawberry did have a a "great 1988 season", for sure. I've gone over his 1988 season before: All-Star, Silver Slugger, lead the league in four impressive offensive categories, etc. etc. Lost by 36 points in the MVP race (though I'm still not 100% how they are added up and counted and what not; but I admit I've never really looked into it).

Anyway, way to go Star. Sloppy bozo's.

All that being said...if you are a New York Mets baseball cards collector or Strawberry baseball cards collector and are interested in this set: please do get in touch with me. My loss is your gain.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'm jealous of your day off. The storm didn't hit my area as hard as what was predicted.

    I've made the same mistake you made multiple times. Thankfully it was never a high $ value card.