Thursday, March 9, 2017

Baseball Card Binder #7

Let's see... what comes after 1988 Donruss? Oh, 1989 Donruss. Like the last post, many "Rated Rookies". I wouldn't take advice from anyone in the prospecting business, especially when it comes to labeling baseball cards. It feels like the baseball equivalent of the Madden Curse or being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Being a "Rated Rookie" or "Future Stars" feels like the kiss of mediocrity. Mind you, they do get it right sometimes, but that seems like the exception. But perhaps my idea of a "Star" is different than theirs or yours? I think it's a Hall of Fame player or, someone on the very cusp of consideration for the Hall.

This set is a prime example. Ken Griffey Jr. got a "Rated Rookie" card, so did Randy Johnson. Ok. Good job. That's two out of twenty: you're batting .100. Gary Sheffield, to be fair, is a cusp player. But, oh, several other players had Rookie cards that year: John Smoltz and Craig Biggio being two, who are also in the Hall of Fame. Though I think Biggio is more of an inductee into the Hall of Really Good & You Gave a Great Effort.

Page 39
1-5: Sandy Alomar, Jr., San Diego Padres, Card #28
6-9: Steve Searcy, Detroit Tigers, Card #29

Page 40
1-4: Carlos Quintana, Boston Red Sox, Card #37
5-6: Ramon Martinez, Los Angeles Dodgers, Card #464
7-9: Greg Harris, San Diego Padres, Card #34

Page 41
1-3: John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves, Card #642 NOT for Trade
4: Walt Weiss, Oakland Athletics, Card #446
5: Erik Hanson, Seattle Mariners, Card #32
6-7: Craig Biggio, Houston Astros, Card #561 NOT for Trade
8-9: Gregg Olson, Baltimore Orioles, Card #46

Page 42
1-2: Gregg Olson, Baltimore Orioles, Card #46
3: Gary Sheffield, Milwaukee Brewers, Card #31 NOT for Trade
4-7: Alex Sanchez, Toronto Blue Jays, Card #47
8: Mark Grace, Chicago Cubs, Card #255
9: Mark Grace, Chicago Cubs, Diamond King, Card #17

Page 43
1-2: Dave Gallagher, Chicago White Sox, Card #384
3: Cameron Drew, Houston Astros, Card #30
4-5: Chris Sabo, Cincinnati Reds, Diamond Kings, Card #4
6: Chris Sabo, Cincinnati Reds, Card #317
7-9: Mike Harkey, Chicago Cubs, Card #43

Page 44
1-3: Pete Harnisch, Baltimore Orioles, Card #44
4-5: Traded
6-7: Ron Jones, Philadelphia Phillies, Card #40
8-9: Dave West, New York Mets, Card #41

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  1. In a way it is a Madden curse - Daily News sportswriter Bill Madden compiled the original lists of players to use as rated rookies.

    1. Couldn't agree more! It seems to hurt more careers than it helps!

  2. I think Donruss covered themselves better than Topps when they used the term "Rated Rookie". Technically... most of the guys they labeled "Rated Rookie" were actual rookies. On the other hand, Topps went with the fences and labeled them "Future Stars". That set the bar way too high for most of those guys.

    1. It is a question of semantics, yes. Agree with that. Future Stars is almost saying Hall of Fame bound.

  3. I used to be a Greg and Gregg Olson super collector back in the day... because we have the same surname. It was a fun collection to add to, because the most expensive cards back then were a quarter. Good times.

    1. So... you're saying you want all these Olson's to rekindle those good times?