Friday, December 15, 2017

P-Town Tom's Dupes

So, I'm working on a set of 1992 Topps. My aunt-in-law sent me a package of baseball cards that she found in her house earlier this year and they've been sitting collecting dust for a while. Just after Thanksgiving I decided to sort them and see what I had and to see what was missing. It turned out I needed about 238 cards, which means I had 554. Or something close to it. And Tom was kind enough to send me 93 cards and a few bonus cards as well.

I won't bore you all with scans of all the cards he sent. But here are the cards kind of spread over my keyboard...

I did post a picture and commentary on Twitter though of a couple of them (usually mocking the player photograph).

But, the three bonus cards certainly warrant showing off. You'll have to deal with cellphone camera photographs for these. Yes, of course, Tom's gifts deserve better than this but it's all I can do at the moment...

The first is the 1992 Topps Gold Winner's for John Kruk... Dazzling, amiright?

And the other two were Darryl Strawberry cards. The first being 1992 Fleer The Performer Collection which was sponsored, or what have you, by 7-Eleven/Citgo. And the second being the 1993 Hostess card.

Thank you so much, Tom, for putting a dent into my collection needs. If you have 1992 cards that you'd like to send to me to help me complete my collection please see the list on the new tab set up for it.  I'll keep it as up to date as I can but please do comment or email before sending any. I am grateful for any help!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I should check to see if I have any 1992s you need..

  2. So glad to thin my collection of junk wax... er... um... I mean, so glad to help your set build of '92 Topps! LOL
    Happy Holidays, Peter!

    1. One man's junk wax is another man's gold, or so they say... Thanks Tom!