Sunday, February 25, 2018

Card Show! & More

Last week might have been a record for buying and receiving cards and this week I hope to be able to showcase them all. First up, are a two cards I got for me at the Mansfield card show, where I was happy to meet the legend Mark Hoyle.

First we have a John Kruk Ultra card from the Phillies Finest set. 

Next up is the 1960 Bill Mazeroski card. I was thumbing through some old vintage stacks and this one caught my eye. So for $5, marked down from $15, I bought it. I may have paid about right for it; I may have paid a bit much. It doesn't much matter as it's a great 1960 card and he ended that year with a pretty memorable hit.

Waiting for me in the mail one day was Topps' annual Topps Now Free Mike Trout Card. I'm a little surprised it wasn't Aaron Judge, to be honest. But this is a nice card to have anyway. And I like the design of this card quite a bit more than the previous two years. And the design of the card back is neat, too. Though in some ways it looks like a scratch off gift card.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice pickups! Gotta love card shows!

  2. That Maz looks to be in nice shape so you probably weren't too far off in the pricing. I'm jealous your area still has regular shows. It seems like the Northeast, Chicago and Texas are still show hotbeds.

  3. Sweet Maz! Love the wad of chew bulging out.