Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Once A Met

I have a new trade buddy and if the inaugural trade is anything to go by, Woooo-weee! Mark from Once A Cub sent me a Tweet about  card he had of Darryl Strawberry and it was delivered today. Amazingly with the the stamp being cancelled! Sadly the envelope was a little mangled which had me slightly nervous. But all is fine because the card inside was packaged well and came out perfect.

The card,  you may be interested to know, was the 2005 Diamond Kings Heritage Collection card, HC-5. It has an authenticated game worn jersey and an autograph as is SN/100. This card is number 006/100. I believe on TCDB it's the 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings - Heritage Collection Signature Jersey set. My mouth dropped when I pulled it out of the wrapping and it hasn't closed yet. My wife is currently throwing things at me.

Seriously. Look. Just drool.

Matt picked this up a few years ago, he told me, in an eBay auction as an add on to maximize shipping. He mentioned that neither Darryl nor Strawberry was spelled correctly which is how he seems to have gotten it for a song.

I wish it said "Authentic Jersey" rather than "Authentic Item" because I can't help but wonder if Donruss bought a bunch of used jock straps or something. Well. Either way I'm not touching the fabric.


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  1. Who? You mean Darrell Starberry?

    Glad to get this one to a much better home!

  2. Great looking card. Glad to see him featured as a Met. ;)