Thursday, July 28, 2016

Not Another Darryl Strawberry Baseball Cards Blog Post

Mike from Not Another Baseball Card Blog received from me a slew of 1987 Topps cards and in return I received some Darryl Strawberry cards to add to my collection. I've never been there, but Canada feels like it's beyond the Wall (à la Game of Thrones). I'm not saying Mike is a Wildling, although he may be... Mike...are you a Wildling?


The six cards I got all date from the 1990s, and represent Strawberry in his Mets, Dodgers, and Yankees uniforms. I particularly like that the 1992 cards can't seem to agree on his weight. Some say 195 and some say 200. That's splitting hairs. And the double hat image on the back of that Donruss 1922 McDonald's MVP is great. Remember when ball players wore their hat under their batting helmet! Could you imagine Bryce Harper or Hanley Ramirez doing that? And I wonder, since I'm on a tangent now, what Johnny Cueto's actual head size is versus his HCDs+ (that's an advance metric for Head Circumference plus Dreadlocks factored in).

Here is the obligatory list of cards Mike sent me followed by images.

1991 Score, Card #640
1992 Donruss McDonald's MVP, Card #7
1992 Leaf, Series 1 Gold Edition. Card #29
1992 Score, Card #9
1992 Upper Deck Home Run Heroes, Card #HR16
1996 Score, Card #353

Is it me, or does the card back for the 1996 Score look as though he's doing the "Same as it ever was" hand gesture from the Talking Head's "Once in a Lifetime" 1980 video?


I can't express how cool it is to trade with people Georgia to Oregon to Canada to Illinois to Ohio to West Virginia. It's really neat and I'm stoked that these cards I've had for up to 30 or so years are wanted somewhere else while at the same time I'm receiving in exchange cards that are very welcome to my current interests. It's a very nice community, so far. But... Are there dicks though? I'm just used to running into them wherever I go and so sometimes it feels a little unsettling. It's like the last time I was in Florida (during Spring Training this year) many nice people saying Hello and Good Morning. My initial reaction was always "I don't have any money!" or to avert eye contact altogether. Well, if there are some jerks out there I hope not to run into them.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. When I first started trading with bloggers I got stiffed once, but I think was just the case of someone losing complete and total interest. Their blog went dark shortly afterwards.
    But, yeah. This is a really excellent community, as it is particularly thoughtful and generous on the whole.

  2. Thank you for this comment. I'm sorry you were stiffed once. That's rotten. It is simply reassuring to getting involved with a community of decent people, especially in this chaotic world. Thanks for being a good'un.