Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Strawberry's on Cards

Recently I sent a few cards to Kerry of the Cards on Cards blog. And as a result, I received back in trade some Darryl Strawberry's (on cards). These were an eclectic mix of eleven cards ranging from 1986 to 1993. All the cards from 1990 to 1993 were all very new to me.

I know Strawberry was on the Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees after he was a Mets player but it still is somewhat weird for me to see him in that Dodgers uniform. I need to get over it. I suppose there are pills I can take for that?

Anyway, the cards I received are all wonderfully welcome into my newly started collection and consist of:

1986 Fleer Mini #21
1987 Sportflics #20
1990 Topps #200
1990 Upper Deck #245
1992 Fleer #471
1992 Leaf #29, Series 1
1992 Studio #50
1992 Topps #550
1993 Donruss #112, Series 1
1993 Pinnacle #64
1993 Topps #450

These cards are a manifestation of the bridge that I needed to understand the changes that took place between 1989/1990 when I stopped collecting and this year when I made a 2016 Topps base set. Had I stayed in the hobby I wouldn't still be so surprised at the difference in quality and the move away from cardboard (I don't even know what kind of paper or material these things are printed on now!)

The 1993 Pinnacle card back is an example of "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all". It reads: "Even Darryl can't carry a team on his back when he has a herniated disc. The painful injury limited the outspoken, streaky slugger to just 43 games and his least productive  season in 1992. It put him on the disabled list three times before he finally gave in and underwent surgery Sept. 15. He was expected to recover and rehabilitate in time for Opening Day."

The 1992 Studio card made me laugh out loud when I read the "Up Close" portion: "... Bo Derek is the person he'd most like to meet." 1992, golly I miss you.

I really like the 1992 Topps card with him running mid-stride at third base. It's an excellent action shot.

An excellent cache of cards this trade was. Thanks Kerry!


  1. That's a nice bushel of Strawberries right there!

  2. Thanks for the trade(s)! I'll keep an eye out for more Strawberrys (Strawberries?)

  3. I think my favorite is the Studio card. So classy!