Monday, July 4, 2016

The Reds vs Nationals, 3 July 2016

When I can, I travel home to see the Washington Nationals. It works out nicely each year to see them on the weekend of the Fourth of July. This is my fifth time seeing them in a July game:

vs Mets 3 July 2010 (box score)
vs Padres on 6 July 2013 (box score)
vs Cubs on 4 July 2014 (box score)
vs Giants on 4 July 2015 (box score)
vs Reds on 3 July 2016 (box score)

I really like the games on the 4th as they start at 11 am when there isn't a rain delay like last year. And it's always really neat to beat in a ball park when the gates open around 9 am. It's always so quiet and a little disorienting to be there right after breakfast...And to have a beer at that time, too. As a matter of practice, we always get seats in a different part of the ballpark.

The 2014 game was really memorable as the Cubs traded their starting pitcher Jason Hammel during that game  to the Oakland A's along with Jeff Samardzija for Addison Russell and two other players. This game was also special as my wife had mine and my twin brother's name on the scoreboard when they run a list of birthdays. Very cool!

2015 should've been a marquis match-up between Bumgarner and Strasburg but neither pitcher pitched particularly well or lasted for too long. Michael A Taylor led off the game with a home run and then two batters later Bryce Harper hit a two run shot and the Nationals never looked back.

This year we opted for the Sunday game against the Reds though I would have preferred still to see the July 4th game against the Brewers, a team I am not sure I've ever seen, unless it was back in the 1980s against the Orioles. As of now I'm glad we did as the forecast for the 4th isn't very baseball friendly.

Today's game saw John Lamb go against Stephen "The Orchid" Strasburg in his first game back from another DL stint. Before the game, there was a promotional giveaway of a (like OMG!) Herbert Hoover bobblehead! Why would you want a Bryce Harper bobblehead, or a Jayson Werth Chia pet, when you could walk away with a thing like a presidential bobblehead? Food at Nationals Park is always good. My wife had a curly-W pretzel and I had tater tots. Because why not. If you eat meat, there are plenty of things to satisfy you there. Beer was consumed: Flying Dog Brewery's Ranging Bitch, a Belgian style IPA. Normally I'm anti-Belgium (because I found Hercule Poirot really annoying when I read the Agatha Christie books...yes I can be that fickle) but this was a really nice beer. The ballpark is a wonderful place, beautiful, with great team stores and plenty of other things to keep kids and adults occupied.

This year we sat in Section 135, Row S, which is down the first base line in right field. Strasburg was more robust, like a hasta, than an orchid today throwing a no-hitter through 6.2 innings. Treinen finished it up before Belisle blew the combined no-hitter attempt and the shut out. The highlight of the game though were the six home runs, including a grand slam by Danny Espinosa from the right side of the plate and a solo shot later from the left side of the plate. For the second year in a row, Harper went deep, launching a 441 foot shot to right, his longest of the year a graph showed.

Idiot that I am instead of uploading my images I hit delete. So I have nothing of the game to show for today's attendance other than the very sloppy scorecard that I kept and some pictures of me with family members. Dummy.  So here are some shots from years in the past.

2013: I don't have friends, so I drink beer.
2014: Section 133

2014: Making the Jumbotron
2015: Bumgarner to Harper
2016: Scorecard


  1. How about that Brewers/Nats game yesterday? Fun one to watch.

    1. I like a high scoring walloping games with a near no-hitter, but tight games are exciting. It would have been a great game to see, not just for the Brewers win, but for how close it was and the batting order snafu.

  2. I like the humor of the "Bring your friends" on the scoreboard in the first picture and your caption. Well done.

  3. Hi Peter,

    I'll be happy to work out a trade for your 2016 Series 2 Buccos. Drop me a line at