Friday, September 23, 2016

Trade with Nachos Grande

You're likely going to be surprised that this is not a post about Darryl Strawberry...

I recently completed a trade with Chris of Nachos Grande. I sent him a few cards and in return I got this gem of masculinity: John Kruk from his beauteous slothful days as a member of the Filthadelphia Phillies. He's working the mullet, the scruffy beard, and the gut is well on it's way.

This 1993 Leaf card features really good photographs of Kruk. The front shows him in his batting stance (probably not against Randy Johnson since he looks comfortable) and the back shows him in a fielding stance anticipating a hamburger & fries I mean a ground ball superimposed over Independence Hall one the background.

Kruk is kind of a new collecting interest. I did like him when I was younger and in my own heyday of collecting baseball cards and riding the benches of my local little league teams. I'm not sure if I'll go into Kruk as much as I have Strawberry: for the moment I need to concentrate on one player because if I think about going after two...well, I'm liable to pull a muscle or something. It's like try to cook a meal and get five things ready all at the same time. Messy!

By 1993 I had all but stopped collecting baseball cards, but that year I did go to visit a girl in Pennsylvania and we ended up going to see a Philadelphia Phillies game at ye olde Veterans Stadium against the St. Louis Cardinals on July 29, 1993. My boy Kruk went 0-1 before being replaced by Ricky Jordan who did three times worse, 0-3. To my surprise Curt Shilling was on the mound but he took a no decision. Lots of other notable players in that game. For the Phillies among others Lenny Dykstra, Pete Incaviglia, and Mitch Williams. And for the Cardinals Ozzie Smith, Todd Zeile, and Brian Jordan. Would love to know why Kruk came out of the game. Probably was late getting back from the concession stand in-between innings.

It was a memorable enough experience and I saved the ticket stub ($4!!!!) in a scrapbook, along with a Pinnacle baseball card wrapper featuring Kruk.

Thank you for the trade, Chris.

And, thanks for stopping by!

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