Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals. Get your Baseball CARDinals. See what I did there? Can you tell it's getting towards the end of the stack? I can. It's really difficult, believe me, coming up with even more boring ways to write about these cards. Should've called this blog Boredom Every Night. Am I right? (Now's the time to leave a comment telling me amazing this blog is and how cute I am.)

Jose Oquendo! The ultimate in utility. Makes Brock Holt - and even Kris "I can play anywhere" Bryant - seem lazy. I got totally hosed on Cris Carpentar. It's not THE Chris Carpenter. D'oh! Though I had landed some pretty sweet rookie and early cards until the whole math thing dawned on me. Granted, the current, correctly spelled, Chris Carpenter has had so many major injuries it must feel like, sometimes, he's been pitching for 27 years!

1987 Topps: Curt Ford, Vince Coleman
1988 Donruss: Terry Pendleton
1988 Topps: Jose Oquendo, Jack Clark, Tom Lawless, Tom Pagnozzi, Todd Worrell
1989 Score: Jose Oquendo
1989 Topps: John Costello, Ken Dayley, Steve Lake
1989 Cris Carpentar, Curt Ford
1990 Donruss: Frank DiPino
1990 Fleer: Cris Carpenter, Alex Cole, Jose Oquendo, Dan Quisenberry
1990 Topps: Paul Coleman
1991 Donruss: Milt Thompson, Joe Magrane (2), Frank DiPino
1991 Fleer: Jose DeLeon, Ken Hill, Jose Oquendo
1991 Score: Bryn Smith (2),  Vince Coleman (2), Bob Tewksbury, Rex Hudler, Ken Dayley (3), Ray Lankford, Ray Stephen, Omar Olivares, Mike Perez
1991 Topps: Jose Oquendo, Bryn Smith
1991 Upper Deck: Bernard Gilkey
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Feliz Jose, Todd Zeile
1992 Fleer: Ken Hill
1992 Score: Felix Jose, Jose DeLeon (2), Ken Hill, Tom Pagnozzi, Cris Carpenter, Ray Lankford, Bob Tewksbury, Willie Fraser
1992 Topps: Rex Hudler (2), Jose DeLeon, Scott Terry, Rheal Cormier TRADED
1991 Upper Deck: Pedro Guerrero (Collector's Choice)
1993 Fleer: Cris Carpenter, Omar Olivares
1993 Score: Ozzie Canseco TRADED
1993 Topps: Rheal CormierTRADED
1994 Score: Erik Pappas
1994 Upper Deck: Allen Watson
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Geronimo Pena
1995 Donruss: Rheal Cormier TRADED, Geronimo Pena
1995 Score: Gerald Perry

You want 'em? Just say so already.

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