Friday, November 18, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Texas Rangers

What can one say about the Texas Rangers that hasn't been said before?

1988 Score: Jeff Kunkel
1988 Topps: Jeff Russell, Dale Mahorcic, Dwayne Henry, Steve Buechele, Jose Guzman, Oddibe McDowell, Bobby Witt
1989 Donruss: Jose Guzman, Ceclilio Guante, Jerry Browne, Scott May
1989 Topps: Geno Petralli, Pete Incaviglia
1990 Donruss: Jeff Kunkel (2)
1990 Score: Julio Franco
1990 Topps: Gary Mielke (who?), Cecil Espy
1991 Donruss: Kevin Reimer, Geno Petralli, Charlie Hough, Steve Buechele
1991 Fleer: Charlie Hough, John Russell
1991 Score: Bobby Witt, Craig McMurtry, Kevin Belcher (2), Gerald Alexander (2), John Russell, Kevin Reimer
1991 Topps: Kenny Rogers, Jeff Russell, Steve Buechele
1992 Fleer Ultra: Jeff Huson
1992 Score: Kenny Rogers, Jeff Russell, Geno Petralli (3), Gary Pettis (2), John Russell, John Barfield
1992 Topps: Brian Downing, Scott Chiamparino
1992 Topps Gold: Wayne Rosenthal
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Geno Petralli
1993 Fleer: Terry Mathews
1993 Score: Roger Paulik TRADED
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Doug Strange

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  1. I won't be laying claim to the Reimer in this one.. I already have two.. lol

    1. Fine. Be that way. Well, we know "Three's Company". Thanks for letting me know, though!