Friday, November 11, 2016

A Shoebox of Baseball Cards: Philadelphia Phillies

Hey, Topps used Jeff Jackson's yearbook photo! I think that shirt is from Alexander Julian's 1988 Colours line.

1987 Topps: Greg Gross, Shane Rawley
1988 Donruss: Bruce Ruffin
1988 Topps: Shane Rawley, Rick Schu (2), Mike Maddux
1989 Fleer: Shane Rawley
1989 Topps: Phillies Leaders, Steve Jeltz
1990 Donruss: Pat Combs, Roger McDowell, Don Carman, Von Hayes (MVP)
1990 Fleer: Don Carman
1990 Topps: Jeff Jackson, Charlie Hayes
1991 Donruss: Mickey Morandini, Dickie Thon, Darrel Akerfelds, Ken Howell, Steve Lake, Terry Mulholland (Highlights)
1991 Fleer: Sil Campusano. Jason Grimsley
1991 Score: Ken Howell, Randy Ready, Jose DeJesus, Chuck Malone, Tommy Greene, Jason Grimsley, Sil Campusano
1991 Topps: Jason Grimsley, Bruce Ruffin
1991 Topps Cracker Jack I: Len Dykstra TRADED
1991 Upper Deck: Darren Daulton, Darrin Fletcher
1992 Donruss Triple Play: Mitch Williams
1992 Fleer: Pat Combs, Lenny Dykstra, Tommy Greene, Terry Mulholland
1992 Score: Dicki Thon (3), Randy Ready, Pat Combs (2), Mickey Morandini, Tommy Greene, Ron Jones, Tommy Greene (No-Hit Club) (2), Jason Grimsley
1992 Topps: Mike Hartley, Danny Cox
1992 Topps Stadium Club: Wally Backman, Tommy Greene
1992 Upper Deck: Joe Boever
1993 Score: Todd Pratt TRADED
1993 Score Select: Mickey Morandini, Ben Rivera
1993 Topps: Mickey Morandini, Stan Javier
1993 Upper Deck: Terry Mulholland, Dave Hollins (Peter Gammons "Inside The Numbers")
1994 Score: Darren Daulton TRADED, Rickey Jordan, David West TRADED
1994 Upper Deck: Milt Thompson
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Wes Chamberlain, Norm Charlton
1995 Fleer: Lenny Dykstra
1995 Score: Ricky Jordan

I remember coveting Ricky Jordan cards when he first came up. Another instance of a highly touted prospect either not living up to expectations, or the expectations just being unreasonable. It's really difficult to determine which is the case, often. And, a classic name here in these cards: Dickie Thon. Sounds like an adult film in which a character kind of goes on a bender.  If you are a Phillies collector, or know one, please get in touch if you think these cards will make you happy. If you hate the Phillies and need cardboard for kindling fires, do write, as well.

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  1. I found your blog while looking for people who have a John Kruk PC. Oddly enough, I also have been thinking about starting a Dickie Thon PC as well. I was a red sox fan as a kid, but lived in Phillies country. A line I vividly remember from my childhood was Harry Kalas saying, "Dickie Thon, up the middle, and a run scores." weird thing to remember.