Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Shoebox of Cards: I Forgot About These

Well, wonders never cease. I found a small pile of baseball cards from the shoebox that I forgot about. Or ... about which I forgot, if you are opposed to ending sentences with prepositions... I am really happy that so many, maybe a third, have found new homes to good people & collectors. These are ones I must have isolated at the point of sorting.

There are two cards not open for trade. Sadly the only Darryl Strawberry card, a 1991 Score, has a rip in it half-way through. This might become my new bookmark when my current bookmark (1984 Topps Barry Bonnell) is retired. The other card was a 1992 Upper Deck, Card #38. This was the Phillies Team Card and Check List that year.

The next cards are a series of six 1992 Pacific Nolan Ryan cards. These all seem to be from Series 2, numbers are: 125 (Number 500, California Angels), 134 (Number Three, California Angels), 136 (Independence Day Fire Works, California Angels), 144 (Astro MVP, Houston Astros), 162 (Brotherly Love, Houston Astros), and 193 (Twenty-Five First Timers, Texas Rangers).

The other cards:
1992 Fleer Tiger Tandems, Card #701 (Stacy Jones / Bo Jackson / Gregg Olson / Frank Thomas) Baltimore Orioles / Chicago White Sox (2 of these)
1992 Triple Play, Hall of Fame, Card #136 (2 of these)
1995 Topps Stadium Club Paul Konerko, Card #102 (Los Angeles Dodgers, Draft Picks. Please note: This card is creased)
1996 Collector's Choice LaTroy Hawkins #659 (Minnesota Twins, Arizona Fall League, Avis)

As usual, if there is anything here that you are interested in, please contact me via email (listed under the About This Blog at top left) or leave a comment!

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  1. I can use Nolan Ryan #144, #162, and #193 and 1 of the Tiger Tandems. Sweet!