Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ahhhhhhhhhh... Sploosh

That's the sound I made hitting the water after Matt at Bob Walk the Plank sent me two cards. I did have fair warning, but their arrival still came as a very happy surprise.

Am I alone in the procedure of receiving cards in the mail? My process begins with a controlled annihilation of the packaging. This is followed by:
  1. viewing the card(s);
  2. running around the house;
  3. viewing the cards again, more carefully; and 
  4. then looking for and reading any note included. 

The note:

Very nice stationary. Matt was absolutely right, the two cards do perfectly complement each other and are very, very welcome additions to my collection.

The Darryl Strawberry card is from the 2005 SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days Material set. The set included 50 cards, according to Trading Card Database, and featured other plays like Dale Murphy, Dwight Gooden, and Lou Brock. A nice mix of players. Limited to fifty, this Strawberry features a swatch of game-worn jersey and there is a ton of personality in it. A little bit of orange, a dagger of blue, and some white, too. Really awesome. I have to try to scrutinize a bit the 1980s Mets jerseys to see if I cannot figure out which part of the top it came from. From the looks of it, though, it might be cut from his last name or even his number (I'll have to ask Chris Sale about that...).

The second card in the packet was a 2015 Panini National Treasures - Leather and Lumber Signatures - Leather card, number 32. This card is even more scarce than the Strawberry as it was serial numbered to just 10. And it's signed. I was flabbergasted. Still am, to be honest. This is clearly the Doc in a Mets jersey based on his uniform number, but the Mets name does not appear anywhere on it. So while authentic I suppose this means it's unlicensed? Not really sure how that all works...But it doesn't matter one bit because the card is so lovely.

In welcoming these cards into my collection, I was also able to add images to the Trading Card Database. So this was a win on many levels. 

Thanks, Matt, for these very awesome cards.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: The relic cards are pretty neat, but feel they could go farther. We've got leather, lumber, uniforms. But what about pieces of dipping tobacco or spit stains? I mean, who wouldn't wan a Lenny Dysktra Dip spit relic? Or something from the mysterious sticky filth from Manny Ramirez's batting helmet? Why stop there? I bet there would be a market for a chipped cup after a catcher, such as Humberto Quintero, gets hit in the balls?


  1. Matt always packs a punch with his mailings - very nice!

    1. He really went above and beyond. I'm still kind of shocked at how cool and nice people are in the baseball card world.

  2. Yeah, BWTP is the man. I actually have mail from him sitting on my desk un-opened because I know it provide a pick-me-up when I've had a rough day.
    The National Treasures card sure is pretty!

    1. Yes, it is pretty, indeed. Well, if having a bad day is a requirement, then I almost hope you never have to open the mail from him!!!

  3. Glad you liked the cards. I have an envelope to open from you when I get back in town on Wednesday.

    1. Matt! I loved the cards. Thanks again. I wouldn't get too excited about what I sent...just some stuff that was in the shoebox that I forgot about... Happy anniversary, by the way!