Thursday, December 22, 2016

Darryl Strawberry 10 card order #2

This is the second group of Darryl Strawberry baseball cards that I recently purchased on eBay. The first post appeared earlier this week. Most of these were cards that were very new to me, especially the ones that appeared during his player career as a  Do... as a Dodg... I'm choking on this word here. As a Dodg - - er.

This first one is quite similar I think to a wall poster of Strawberry I remember having, Something like this.

1990 Starline Long John Silver Baseball Card #21

1992 Score Impact Player Baseball Card #59

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Baseball Card #92

This one below is cool as it opened up to show an inside image. Didn't really know what I was getting as the interior view isn't one that they have, by choice, available on TradingCardDb. Thought it was a pretty cool idea.

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Baseball Card #220 FOLD

Darryl's time as a San Francisco Giants outfielder was short lived. I have to imagine that had he been healthy, he and Barry Bonds might have done some serious damage.

1995 Select Baseball Card #5

The Pacific Omega has a lot going on. Three sections of Strawberry as a member of the Dark Side/Evil Empire. I do really like the baseball stitches. You can really see in this late 1990s card the influence of better computer programs and graphic capability. The back is relatively staid as a result of the front's busyness.

1998 Pacific Omega Baseball Card #171

I normally prefer real photographs on baseball cards, but this one below is a decent likeness of all the players depicted so I snatched it up.

2002 Topps Super Teams Card #146 (with Dwight Gooden/Keith Hernandez)

WTF! (What the Fleer!) This is like mixing your metaphors. Strawberry in a Mets uniform running the bases with some Yankees Stadium decoration at the top. Kind of confusing but it looks 3D.

2003 Fleer Fall Classics Baseball Card #46

I got these two 2004 Donruss cards because I thought they looked quite nice. Especially since as with the cards just above, he's back in the good old Mets uniform. I like, too, that the image on the card backs is different and wish they would have done the same with the image on the front. They are different card numbers, after all. The red-white-blueness of it reminds me of 1988 Fleer.

2004 Donruss World Series Baseball Blue Card #64

2004 Donruss World Series Baseball Card #111

These were all excellent cards and all obtained at a reasonable price. Very welcome to my collection.

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  1. Love the Fleer card with Hernandez and Gooden. Great additions to your growing collection!

    1. Hi Tom! Merry Christmas. It's a nice card. Looks like it should be framed and on a wall.

  2. I didn't know Strawberry was a Giant.. I knew Met, Yankee and Dodger.. As well as a St. Paul Saint.

    1. Mike! Merry Christmas. Now you know, and as GI Joe used to say, "Knowing is half the battle." Strawberry might only have been a Saint in St Paul because he certainly wasn't, then, elsewhere...