Saturday, December 3, 2016

Darryl Strawberry 2005 Legendary Cuts Classic Careers Card

Below is the second Darryl Strawberry relic card I bid on and won on eBay. (The first was discussed here.) What is different about this one versus the other one is that thin big of blue pin stripe from the Mets uniform back in the mid 1980s.  This is a 2005 SP Legendary Cuts Classic Careers baseball card produced by Upper Deck. The color on the relic is what makes this a little more special. I just wish I knew from which game this jersey came! And how many were issued? There are 11 currently listed on the Trading Card Database and the image for this card seems to be the opposite of this one with the thin blue stripe on the right side of the relic square.

On the whole I'm trying to reconcile collecting baseball cards for the period after Darryl Strawberry was an active player. I find them interesting, but less interesting. And I'm a complete hypocrite (who isn't, right?) because I still look at the cards for him produced after he stopped playing. And I'm still probably going to buy them. Ugh.

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