Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trade with Baseball Cards Come to Life!

Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life! and I completed a trade earlier this month that was less complicated than any trade that took place concurrently at the MLB Winter Meetings. Phew: thank goodness for that. I sent him a bunch of cards from 2016 Topps Series 1 and 2, as well as some cards from the recent Shoebox series. In return, I got a slew of cool new cards.

Bo sent me two complete sets: 1989 Fleer Exciting Stars (I needed the Darryl Strawberry for my collection) as well as the 1989 Topps Ames 20/20 (ditto concerning the Strawberry). Now that I've broken those sets up, which I really truly feel badly about doing, those cards are up for grabs if anyone needs them. Here are some pictures of them!

So many great 1980s baseball players in here from Robin Yount to Andre Dawson to Wally Joyner to Juan Samuel and so on. Some teams were not represented (such as Seattle, for example, in the Ames set), which hearkens back to a time when, I think in some ways, baseball was better. When players didn't seemingly get a participation trophy to soothe their egos. But perhaps that's another diatribe for another day...

In addition to those, I got a 1986 Topps Darryl Strawberry and the 1994 Donruss Triple Play. Sweet.

I had the Topps already but a dupe is a good thing especially of one of my favorite cards/designs. In addition to the Fleer and Ames 20/20, the Donruss Triple Play was new.

But the most varied part of Bo's trade package came in the 30 cards of the cuddly and lovable John Kruk. There were 12 cards of Kruk as a Padres and 18 as a Phillies. Considering I had 4 cards to begin with, this batch of 30 cards is a massive increase in my collection.

1986 Topps Traded, Card #56T

1987 Donruss, Card # 328
1987 Sportflics, Card #61

1988 Donruss, Card #205
1988 Fleer, Card #589
1988 Topps, Card #596
1988 Topps Big, Card #60

1989 Bowman, Card #460
1989 Fleer, Card #309
1989 Score, Card #148
1989 Topps, Card #235
1989 Topps Big, Card #216
1989 Topps Traded, Card #63T

1990 Classic Yellow, Card #T3
1990 Donruss, Card #160
1990 Fleer, Card #565
1990 Score, Card #467
1990 Upper Deck, Card #668

1991 Donruss, Card #260
1991 Score, Card #94
1991 Topps, Card #689

1992 Donruss: Card #230
1992 Score, Card #235

1993 Hostess, Card #4
1993 Score Select, Card #33
1993: Upper Deck Hammer & Nails (with Dave Hollins, Darren Daulton, and Lenny Dykstra), Card #485

1994 Donruss, Card #7
1994 Fleer Sunoco, Card #15
1994 Topps, Card #401
1994 Upper Deck, Card #410

What you see in these 1986 to 1994 cards is a development of a large man. That clean-cut, baby-faced Padres outfielder in 1986 turned into a hairy, beastly Phillies outfielder/first baseman in 1994. 1986 Topps isn't the greatest design ever but I quite like it for quasi-romantic/nostalgic feelings about being 11 or 12 years old. 1988 Fleer is another design I like; it just feels clean. The picture in that card is pretty awesome, too. Post-swing, ball bouncing up -- maybe just catching his toe, mouth nearly agape -- which would become Kruk's signature look (see 1988 Topps and Topps Big just to the right). I don't mean to pole fun, because I did and do like Kruk. I'll miss him on Baseball Tonight - but his diminished role in the last few years was disappointing (for me). And I hope from time to time to be able to catch a Phillies game on the television, someone, in order to hear him call some games.

Thanks so much, Bo!

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  1. I know you have been very generous in sending me cards. If you are not interested in keeping either of the two sets, I would be more than happy to take them off your hands. There are quite a few in both sets that would fit my collections.

    1. Great, I'll have them in the mail to you shortly! Thanks!

  2. Totally non-sequitor, but were you my secret Santa this year? I think so...but I want to be sure before I open the package. I think I have a John Kruk card from Goodwin Champions, the black border set if you need it....but I have no idea where so it would not be soon.

    1. Non-sequitor's are wonderful... Yes, I am the one. As it was a Secret Santa gift I certainly don't/wouldn't expect anything back. But if you ever stumble on it I won't refuse it!

    2. Great, thanks! I will put your address on file for if/when I find it. I'm really scatterbrained and have trouble keeping track of stuff though.

  3. Nice cards. If I have any Kruk cards that you don't have lying around I'll have to remember to send them your way..