Friday, January 13, 2017

Darryl Strawberry: 1998 Bowman International

This post has been sitting in draft limbo for a very, very long time...

Went to my local card shop in late November to buy a box to mail a bunch of cards out to Bo over at Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bo was kind enough to take nearly 200 cards off me! Mostly Topps 2016 base cards, but also some of the cards from the many posts that I did on the shoebox theme. Thanks again Bo! In buying the box, I got to talking to the guy working there and we went through some of his team boxes looking for Darryl Strawberry. Nothing in the Mets, Yankees, or Dodgers boxes. In the process, he pulled some other boxes from somewhere else and found this goody below.

I had already two copies of the 1998 Bowman base card, but this one with the map of Los Angeles as the background was foreign to me. So I snatched it for .50¢! This the the "Bowman International" parallel and Strawberry is superimposed over the San Andreas Fault.

On this card I really like the signature, though it looks very different to other Strawberry signatures I've seen. Probably this was done carefully with legibility in mind over the speedy signature you might find at an in-person experienced. It's also totally a left-handers signature, too. On the back of the card you see a very happy, smiling Darryl which I think is wonderful. Given the troubles he had experienced and fought through and may still have been going through, this is a good look in this posed photograph. And Bowman's breakdown of performance versus teams is still among my favorites. 1997 wasn't a terrifically prolific year for DS as he was marred by injuries, appearing in just 11 games (five games to start the year and then six games in August). 1997 was the only year in his career where he did not hit a home run, but with so few games under his belt that year it isn't too surprising.

Adding to the win that this card was, images were not previously uploaded to Trading Card DB so I was able to plop them in. Yeah!

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  1. I love the Bowman cards with the bit of geography in the back ground and you can never go wrong with shiny!

    1. Hi Tom! Yes, shiny is very nice. I wish that it was conveyed in the scan but not so, not so.