Thursday, January 19, 2017

Darryl Strawberry - 2016 Panini Prime Cuts Biography

Relic cards. They are kind of something in which a person could become obsessed with. I know I was intrigued by them. And then pulling a Ken Griffey Jr. relic from the Tribute to the Kid inserts in 2016 Series 2 kind of proved that it was a neat thing. Naturally I went in search of some Darryl Strawberry's. I got two uniform relic cards (2005 and 2012) earlier in the summer or fall, and so the natural desire after this was a bat relic. This was one of two that I won on ebay recently from this year's Panini Prime Cuts Biography set. This is serial numbered 24 out of 49; as opposed to another set of relics in this same series that SN'd to 99. This has the logo in blue font while the 99 series is gold. I don't yet know what the difference is but will look into it. Maybe.

I like this set as it highlight Strawberry's monster 1988 year. But the lack of the Mets logo or his number is bothersome though I understand it's a licensing thing. I still hope, though, that this bat chip is from an actual Darryl Strawberry game-used bat like it claims to be.

In addition to this card, I'd like to highlight the twelve beers that I've recently purchased and will be working my way through over the next few weeks.They are all IPA's, which I find to be among the tastier of beers.

The beers in bottles are Boulevard's The Calling IPA, Coronado Brewing's Idiot IPA, Entitled Beer Company's IPA, Brewmaster Jack's Ambrewsia IPA, Brewmaster Jack's Good Sense Double IPA, and Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' IPA.

The beers in the cans are Mighty Squirrel IPA, Berkshire Brewing Company's Lost Sailor IPA, 21st Amendment Brewery's Brew Free or Die IPA, Revolution Brewing's Anti-Hero IPA, Evil Twin Brewing's Modern IPA, and Banded Horn Brewing's Veridian IPA. Last weekend I had Evil Twin Brewing's Modern IPA which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. I tip my hat to you. I'm a beer lover, but the IPAs are at the bottom of my list. Although, I might be tempted to try the Mighty Squirrel just because the can looks fun.

    1. Tom! The Squirrel is nice. Bit hoppy & bitter but then, so am I... Right. I do admit to buying beer & wine because of the packaging.

  2. The card is nice despite the lack of logo. I like the bear labels even more though I don't drink beer.

  3. I've never been a big beer drinker... but that Strawberry is nice.