Sunday, February 12, 2017

1992 Star Gold Darryl Strawberry

Hi. My name is Peter. And I'm a Darryl Strawberryaholic. This was the last of the Star sets that I needed to get a complete run of his presence in the sets. Complete being more hopeful than maybe it should be? Star put out so many sets that one can just not be too sure... This is the 1992 Star Gold set. Some of the photos were dark -- it isn't just the scanner not doing such a hot job of scanning.

Can't sort out what he's doing in the image above... Fore!!!!!

Whoa: veins.

Straw looks intense here, wouldn't want to face that batter's prep if I were the opposing picture.

On the whole, the cards in the Star series are meh. Not terrific photography and thus not particularly memorable photographs. Reused, relatively boring, and stagnant stats and text on the card backs. Makes me think of the great song "Butter" by the great A Tribe Called Quest: "You get an E for effort, and T for nice try"(I always thought it was "NT for Nice Try, but all the lyric searches I did came back with "and T for nice try". Hmmm.) But, when you're working on building a collection and you notice an absence, you have to make the decision how far you're going to take it. I am glad that I have them all but won't be the least bit surprised if I find another set "somewhere out there beneath the clear moonlight..." there are the odd "promo" cards here and there for these various sets but I feel no compulsion to have these at the moment. Yet. In sum, the Star sets are an instance of quantity over quality; and I am hopeful this is an exception to my collecting habits rather than the rule.

A "complete" list of the Star cards that features Darryl Strawberry is below:

1984 Star (I can't tell, really, if this is the same "Star" as the 1988-1992 cards)

1988 Star (Blue)
1988 Star (Purple)
1988 Star Nova
1988 Star Platinum
1988 Star Platinum Glossy (pink)

1988-1989 Star Gold

1989 Star Platinum

1990 Star Gold
1990 Star Nova
1990 Star Platinum

1991 Star
1991 Star Diamond
1991 Star Gold
1991 Star Home Run
1991 Star Nova

1992 Star Gold
1992 Star Nova
1992 Star Silver

In 1991, two other card makers joined in the Strawberry fun. A guy called Barry Colla issued a twelve card set; and also something called Playball U.S.A. put out a set that includes an unknown number of cards. I have nine of them, but they are numbered bizarrely. Playball issued cards for Don Mattingly (12 cards) and Ken Griffey Jr. (17 cards). Cards totals taken from the Trading Card Database. A casual search of eBay found cards issued for Will Clark and one lone promotional card for Nolan Ryan. Weird. It just hit me that I have not yet blogged about the Colla set or the Playball set, so that's something to look forward to. Right. (Yes is the only acceptable answer.)

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  1. I have the Barry Colla set of Ryne Sandberg and photography is pretty nice in that set. Can't wait to see the Strawberry version.
    I can't believe you completed the run of STAR sets. Congrats!
    I have a few of the Sandberg ones, but the more rare ones would only hurt my wallet. The pains of having a player collection of a hall of famer!

    1. Hey Tom! It's a shame because I suspect Strawberry had HOF credentials in his first five years or so but then just got into trouble.