Sunday, March 26, 2017

Baseball Card and Beer

Currently, at the moment, in the present time, I am enjoying a beer from Bob Walk the Plank. It's the Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA. It's fantastic.

On the television is MLB coverage of the Spring Training game between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago White Sox. The pitcher formerly known as "Big Game James", James Shields, is on the mound and I hope the pitching staff told him in the off season that a high number in ERA isn't good.

I'm a goner. My wife just brought out a Bailey's cheesecake bar with a chocolate crust.

But! Before I "slip away, quietly", I thought I'd show off not a "Pictures of You", but of Darryl Strawberry.

This is a 1996 Fleer Tiffany card. 1996 Fleer is so vastly different and SUPERIOR to it's immediate predecessor that it leaves me a bit baffled. I got the base of this recently from P-Town Tom and was enamored. So I thought that the Tiffany version would make a nice new addition, even if Straw is wearing a Yankees jersey. The Fleer Tiffany is nicer and on different stock than the base, I like it quite a bit. But I actually prefer the "lower", base model. The matte-ness of the image on that base card is timeless.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Don't Drink and Blog.


  1. It was a weird thing...I loved both the base set and the Tiffany parallel so much. I'm with you, though, the base is quite superior!

  2. It's a rare day win the base wins out. Good to know!

  3. Double IPA and cheesecake..Yay!
    Giants on the TV...BOOOOOO!!!!