Sunday, March 5, 2017

Baseball Card Binder #6

Continuing with the binder of baseball cards, we move to some 1988 Donruss. Pages of dupes and junk and crap, probably! But, maybe something that isn't of value to me, might be of value to you? Lots of "Rated Rookies" and some other minor star cards here.

Page 35

1-6: Andres Galarraga, Montreal Expos, Card #282
7-8: Jody Reed, Boston Red Sox, Card #41
9: Gary Thurman, Kansas City Royals, Card #44

Page 36:
1-5: Matt Williams, San Francisco Giants, Card #628
6: Joe Magrane, St. Louis Cardinals, Card #140
7: Jose Lind, Pittsburgh Pirates, , Card #38
8: Ken Caminiti, Houston Astros, Card #308
9: Joey Meyer, Milwaukee Brewers, , Card #36

Page 37:
1-5: Kevin Elster, New York Mets, Card #37
6: Roberto Kelly, New York Yankees, Card #635
7-8: Mike Campbell, Seattle Mariners, Card #30
9: Vincente Palacios, Pittsburgh Pirates, Card #45

Page 38

1: Nelson Liriano, Toronto Blue Jays, Card #32
2. Traded
3: Shawn Hillegas, Los Angeles Dodgers, Card #35
4-5: Jeff Treadway, Cincinnati Reds, Card #29
6-8: Mackey Sasser, Pittsburgh Pirates, Card #28
9: Rob Gant, Atlanta Braves, Card #654

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  1. I always got a chuckle out hearing Harry Caray try to pronounce Andres Galarraga's last name. Good memories.

  2. Wish I could have heard that. Wonder if it's on YouTube! Might have to check that out. Thanks for your comment, Coach.

  3. I had so much 1988 Donruss as a kid!!! I think they still fall out of my pockets sometimes.

    My favorite name to to hear Harry Caray pronounce was Jose Vizcaino.

    1. I don't doubt at all that 1988 Donruss falls out of your pockets. Probably your doctor sees them in your ears when s/he checks them.